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Salesforce Pardot-Specialist Reliable Exam Syllabus - Certification Pardot-Specialist Dumps

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Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist Exam Sample Questions (Q128-Q133):

By default, which object is Salesforce is created when a new prospect is assigned in Pardot?

  • A. Account
  • B. Content
  • C. Lead
  • D. Opportunity

Answer: C

The "related" tab of the prospect record displays prospects that have what in common?
Choose one answer

  • A. Score
  • B. Company
  • C. Email Domain
  • D. Assigned user

Answer: A

What would a hard bounce refer to on an email sending report?

  • A. An email that is recognized, but returned to the sender because the recipient's mailbox is full.
  • B. An email that is recognized, but returned to the sender because the mail server is temporarily unavailable
  • C. An email that was sent to a prospect marked as opted out because they visited the unsubscribe page.
  • D. An email that permanently bounced back to the sender because the address is invalid.

Answer: D

A marketing manager sent an email template last week to their "Hot Prospects" list, which is populated dynamically based on the prospects' scores. They want to send the same email template again this week to the same list, but make sure that the prospects that received it last week do not get it again.
How should they accomplish this?

  • A. Create a new dynamic list using the criteria "Prospect email template", the template name, and "was not received" and then use it as the
    recipient list when sending the email template.
  • B. Send the email template to the "Hot Prospects" list, but select the "deduplicate" option to remove recipients that already received the email last week.
  • C. Send the email template to the "Hot Prospects" list like last time; the prospects that received it before will be automatically suppressed from receiving the same email template.
  • D. Create a new list of the prospects that received the email last week and then use it as a suppression list when sending the email template to the "Hot Prospects" list.

Answer: D

LenoxSoft's marketing team shares a list of company names of all external visitors on their website with the regional sales managers.
The regional managers use this list for cold calling and for insight on whether any recent opportunities are active on their site.
Which sequence of steps should the Pardot Administrator take to automate this process?
Choose one answer

  • A. Enable Visitors Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Page Actions to notifymanagers.
  • B. Enable Send daily visitor activity emails; Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for my prospects).
  • C. Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for all prospects); Enable Page Actions to notify managers.
  • D. Enable Visitor Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Send daily visitor activity emails.

Answer: D


Pardot-Specialist Reliable Exam Syllabus: