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To earn the PCI CPSA certification, candidates must pass a comprehensive exam that tests their knowledge of card production security requirements. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is available in several languages. The exam is administered by Pearson VUE, a global leader in computer-based testing.

The PCI CPSA certification is an essential qualification for anyone involved in the production of payment cards. It is also a valuable certification for individuals who work in the payment card industry and wish to understand the security risks associated with card production. The certification is recognized globally and is highly respected within the payment card industry.

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PCI Card Production Security Assessor (CPSA) Qualification Exam Sample Questions (Q17-Q22):

During an assessment you walk the perimeter of the building with a guard you find an emergency exit door from the facility and ask the guard what is on the other side. The guard can't remember, and so uses their assigned, secure key to open the door and show you a corridor within the facility. What most concerns you about the situation?

  • A. The guard should not have forgotten where the door leads to
  • B. The exit door should not lead into the facility
  • C. The guard should have sought permission from their manager before opening the door
  • D. The exit door should not be capable of being opened from the outside

Answer: C

The vendor's technical documentation shows that the alarm system does not send alerts to the security control room. After a discussion you learn that the alarm works perfectly, and sends a clear signal to summon the local police every time an emergency exit is opened. Why might this cause a problem for their assessment?

  • A. During working hours, the alarm should be managed in the security control room, or by a central monitoring service
  • B. If the local police have not been issued with an exterior key. they will not be able to investigate the cause of the alarm and reset it
  • C. If the local police receive too many false-positive alerts, they may not respond within 15 minutes of the alarm
  • D. During busy times, the local police may not be able to respond

Answer: C

Who performs regular AQM audits of CPSA companies?

  • A. PCI SSC
  • B. Payment brands
  • C. Vendor
  • D. Issuing banks

Answer: A

Which of the following statements is true about the facility's non-emergency exits?

  • A. They may be left unlocked when a guard is present
  • B. They must be configured to prevent staff tailgating
  • C. They must be contact-alarm monitored only when card production activities are taking place
  • D. They must be fitted with biometric access-control devices

Answer: B

Which of the following must be used by the vendor to protect doors that provide access to buildings containing air conditioning equipment?

  • A. Physical locks with a limited set of keys under constant supervision by a guard in the security control-room
  • B. Security tape that will leave an observable trace each time a door is opened
  • C. Magnetic contacts that are permanently alarmed and that are connected to the security control-room panels
  • D. Electrical contacts that log each open and close event to a secure system memory

Answer: A


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