Are you curious about how the 160mm resistance butt welding machine works? This incredible piece of machinery is used to join two metal parts together through a process that involves heat, pressure, and time. Whether you're in the manufacturing industry or simply interested in learning more about the technology behind welding machines, WELPING will give you an insight into how this particular one operates. So, let's dive right into it!

Working principle of 160mm resistance butt welding machine

The 160mm resistance butt welding machine, also known as a flash-butt welding machine, is used to join two metal components by applying an electric current and pressure. The process involves heating the ends of two metal components until they reach their melting point. Once molten, the metals are pressed together under high force to create a solid joint.

The resistance butt welding machine works by clamping two metal pieces between copper alloy electrodes that conduct electricity. A low-voltage electrical current passes through the materials at high amperage causing them to heat up rapidly. As soon as they reach the appropriate temperature level, around 2/3rds of their respective melting points, the current is stopped allowing for consolidation.

The heat generated during this process causes both metals to soften and form a molten pool which bonds with each other once cooled down. This creates a strong weld without adding any filler material or flux.

This method of joining metals results in strong joints that can withstand extreme stress conditions making it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as railway tracks, bridges and pipelines.

The 160mm resistance butt welding machine offers fast production times with minimal manual intervention which makes it an efficient option for large-scale manufacturing projects requiring sturdy welded joints on steel structures or pipes.

160MM Resistance Butt Welder Butt Welding Machine


To sum up, the 160mm resistance butt welding machine is a crucial tool in the manufacturing industry. Its ability to join two metal pieces together with precision and strength makes it an essential piece of equipment for any factory or workshop.

The working principle of this machine involves passing an electric current through the metal pieces being joined. This process creates heat, which then melts the metals together, forming a strong bond that can withstand large amounts of pressure and force.

The 160mm resistance butt welding machine is a sophisticated piece of technology that has revolutionized metalworking processes around the world. Its efficiency and accuracy have made it indispensable in various industries such as automotive engineering, construction, and shipbuilding. As technology continues to advance rapidly, we can only expect further improvements in these machines' capabilities and effectiveness.

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