Now what we want to talk about is the supplied electric cargo tricycle (3 doors open),which has a lot of special advantages and characteristics,such as heavy load,scientific design,convenience and flexibility.

In the appearance,the electric tricycle is small size and flexible movement.Due to the reasonable design and the flexibility,it can be delivered to every place and corner,and easily cope with various occasions.

What's more,the load capacity of the electric tricycle(3 doors open) are 3 times that of the ordinary man-powered dump truck,and the efficiency can be increased by more than 50%,which reduce great labor costs because of the scientific design.

In the internal,the speed of the electric box is adjustable that means more flexible turning and durable performance.And the body of electric tricycles are made of high quality materials,strong and durable,bearing compression and corrosion resistance.

The three doors could be opened to load and unload cargo,which will serve your different needs.  

Advantages of 3 doors open electric cargo tricycles

3 doors open electric cargo tricycle exporter - Jiuzhi

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