AITech Interview with Kanti Prabha, Co-founder at SirionLabs

With an AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system, SirionLabs delivers insights that can help businesses answer critical questions, identify underperforming relationships, locate upsell opportunities, and uncover hidden risks. Under the leadership of its Co-founder, Kanti Prabha, the team realized the importance of contract authorship and ownership and expanded its platform to include AI to maximize the bottom line.

What are the core values on which the organization is built, and what is the mission of the organization?

I use the term empathy to describe Sirion’s customer-centric approach to growing our company. We listen to the needs of our customers and build solutions to address their challenges. Often, if one company has a serious need, another will have the same need. If we can solve the problem for one customer, it is likely many other customers will benefit from product upgrades or improved solutions.

Being a thought leader, how do you strategize to further SirionLabs’ mission and vision?

Contracts are the hearts of any business, and making contracts accessible and easy to understand, manage and modify is our mission.

The key though is to keep building the product by keeping the customer and the use case in mind. As a product company, we would like to showcase everything we have built and everything available, but that is not always relevant to all users. Each user has unique needs and Sirion should design the user experience, intelligence, and the use of AI to meet their needs and make them feel heard and taken care of by the product.

In the world of digitalization, how does SirionLabs help the world’s leading businesses contract smarter through its standout product?

Surrounded by economic upheaval over the past few years, organizations have recognized the need to remain agile in order to make it through these tumultuous times. As we faced a global pandemic, and now are dealing with inflation and geopolitical tension, agility has become paramount for maintaining stability amidst much uncertainty.

Digital transformation initiatives allow enterprises to stay ahead of the curve, equipping them with smarter decision-making capabilities and flexibility to navigate disruption. CLM systems offer an invaluable support system for teams today, unifying all expenditure sources and contractual obligations in a single viewable platform.

For example, when considering preserving revenue, businesses that proactively review and manage their contracts through an automated CLM system can act preemptively to safeguard both costs and revenues. By gaining visibility into current spending activities while also assessing near-term contractual commitments, organizations have the power to make informed decisions that recognize potential cost savings without compromising long-term profits.

Please brief our audience about the emerging trends of the new generation and how you plan to fulfill the dynamic needs of the contract lifecycle management niche.

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