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The CIMA F3 exam is a comprehensive exam that covers a range of financial strategy topics. It is essential for anyone who wants to work in management accounting or financial management and requires a significant amount of preparation. With the right study resources and dedication, candidates can successfully pass the exam and take the next step in their professional development.

The exam is computer-based and consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have three hours to complete the exam, and a passing score is 70%. The exam is administered at authorized testing centers around the world, and candidates can register online through the CIMA website.

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CIMA F3 Financial Strategy Sample Questions (Q88-Q93):

Company M plans to bid for Company J.
Company M has 20 million shares in issue and a current share price of $10.00 before publicly announcing the planned takeover. Company J has 10 million shares in issue and a current share price of $4.00.
The directors of Company M are considering an all-share bid of 1 Company M shares for 2 Company J shares.
Synergies worth $20m are expected from the acquisition.
What is the likely change in wealth for Company M's shareholders (in total) if the bid is accepted?
Give your answer to the nearest $ million.
$ ? million



Company A has made an offer to acquire Company Z.
Both companies are quoted and their current market share prices are:
* Company A - $4
* Company Z - $5
Shareholders in company Z have been given three alternative offers:
* Cash of $5.50 per share
* Share for share exchange on the basis of 3 for 2
* 10.5% long dated bond for every 20 shares
The bond is has a nominal value of $100 and the expected yield on bonds of similar risk is 10%.
You are advising a Company Z shareholder on the three offers.
She requires a 15% premium if she is to accept the offer.
In providing your advice, which of the following statements is correct?

  • A. The bond offer is only worth $100 which represents a zero premium and should be rejected.
  • B. The value of the consideration given by the cash and bond offers is certain, unlike the share offer.
  • C. The bond offer is above the minimum threshold and should be accepted.
  • D. The share for share exchange is the only offer which is above the acceptance threshold.

Answer: D

A company intends to sell one of its business units, Company R by a management buyout (MBO).
A selling price of $100 million has been agreed.
The managers are discussing with a bank and a venture capital company (VCC) the following financing proposal:
The VCC requires a minimum return on its equity investment in the MBO of 30% a year on a compound basis over 5 years.
What is the minimum TOTAL equity value of Company R in 5 years time in order to meet the VCC's required return?
Give your answer to one decimal place.
$ ? million


111.4, 111, 111.0, 111.1, 111.2, 111.3, 111.5, 111.6, 111.7

Company S is planning to acquire Company T.
The shareholders in Company T will receive new shares in Company S in an all-share consideration.
Relevant information:

The shareholders in Company T want sufficient shares to receive a 25% premium on the pre-acquisition value of their shares, based on the pre-acquisition share price.
Which of the following share-for-share offers will achieve the desired result?

  • A. 1 share in Company S for 1 share in Company T
  • B. 1 share in Company S for 2 shares in Company T
  • C. 10 shares in Company S for 4 shares in Company T
  • D. 2 shares in Company S for 1 share in Company T

Answer: A

Company J plans to acquire Company K, an unlisted company whose equity is to be valued using a P/E ratio approach.
A listed company has been identified which is very similar to Company K and which can be used as a proxy.
However, the growth prospects of Company K are higher than those of the proxy.
The Directors of Company J are aware that certain adjustments will be necessary to the proxy company's P/E ratio in order to obtain a more reliable valuation.
The following adjustments have been agreed:
* 20% due to Company K being unlisted.
* 15% to allow for the growth rate difference.
The total adjustment to the proxy p/e ratio is:

  • A. 35% decrease
  • B. 35% increase
  • C. 5% decrease
  • D. 5% increase

Answer: C


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