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The IBM C1000-082 exam consists of 63 multiple-choice questions that are designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.9 administration. The exam is 90 minutes long, and the passing score is 62%. To prepare for this exam, candidates can take advantage of the various study materials provided by IBM, including online courses, tutorials, and practice exams. Additionally, candidates can also join IBM's certification community to get access to resources, tips, and advice from IBM experts and certified professionals.

The IBM C1000-082 certification exam is a computer-based test that consists of 63 multiple-choice questions. The candidate has 90 minutes to complete the exam, and a passing score of 62% is required to achieve the certification. The exam is available in English and Japanese languages.

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IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.9 Administration Sample Questions (Q26-Q31):

Which three parameters are required to set server-to-server communication?

  • A. server certificate
  • B. server password
  • C. admin password
  • D. low level address
  • E. admin name
  • F. high level address

Answer: B,D,F

According to IBM documentation1, to define a server for server-to-server communications, you need to use the DEFINE SERVER command and specify three parameters: SERVERNAME, HLADDRESS, and LLADDRESS. The SERVERNAME parameter is the name of the server that you are defining. The HLADDRESS parameter is the high-level address of the server that you are defining. The LLADDRESS parameter is the low-level address of the server that you are defining.

What is the purpose of the VALIDATE REPLPOLICY command?

  • A. verify the status of replication storage rules
  • B. validate which nodes are configured for replication
  • C. compare the policies on the source and target replication servers
  • D. ensure the policies are replicated from the source to the target replication server

Answer: C

According to the web search results, the best answer is C. compare the policies on the source and target replication servers. This command is used to verify that the policies on the target replication server match those on the source replication server1.

To specify whether the client acceptor daemon service (CAD) manages the scheduler, add the MANAGEDSERVICES option in which configuration file on Linux?

  • A. backup.config
  • B. dsm.sys
  • C. sched.log
  • D. dsmserv.opt

Answer: B

To specify whether the client acceptor daemon service (CAD) manages the scheduler, you need to add the MANAGEDSERVICES option in the client system-options file on Linux1. The client system-options file is named dsm.sys by default1. You can use this option to reduce the number of background processes on your workstation by letting the client acceptor daemon start and stop the scheduler process as needed for each scheduled action23.

What is a use case for setting up Web client service?

  • A. remote management of a client node from the Operations Center
  • B. installation of client code updates directly from the web
  • C. backup of NAS servers via Web client GUI
  • D. node configuration via Web client GUI

Answer: A

According to IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.9 documentation1, web client service is a feature that allows users to restore files from backup versions by using a web browser. The web client service runs on a backup-archive client node and communicates with the IBM Spectrum Protect server.
A use case for setting up web client service is to enable remote management of a client node from the Operations Center2. The Operations Center is a web-based interface that provides centralized management of IBM Spectrum Protect servers and clients. By using the Operations Center, you can view information about backup-archive clients that have web client service enabled, and you can launch the web client interface to restore files on those clients.

How is the mail server information configured for the Operations Center to be able to send reports?

  • A. use the SET REPORTSMTPHOST command and restart the Operations Center services
  • B. start the Operations Center configuration wizard
  • C. add the SMTPSERVER option in dsmserv.opt
  • D. click Configure Mail Server in the Reports section

Answer: D



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