A garret is another name for a house’s attic or loft section. In a dream, any part of a house reflects a part of oneself (you are the house).

The garret represents your higher self, or best self, which is in touch with the eternal. It could represent the totality of your life’s labor.

Dream About Garter

If you dream about visiting or living in a garret, it suggests that you may have financial issues if you are not careful. The garret is a symbol of danger. If you find yourself afraid in a garret, this is a sign of extreme poverty. Hide in a garret connotes difficulty, restriction, and the hardships of coping with grief.

In your dream, you may have experienced the following:
You pay a visit to a garret.
You are a garret dweller.
You’re sprinting through a garret.
You’re constructing a garret.
A garret that isn’t being used.
A tidy garrett.
A filthy dungeon.
Positive changes are afoot if
You seemed to appreciate your visit to the garret.
The garret was warm and inviting.

Detailed dream interpretation
The garret may be a good indicator of how well you’ll age. If the garret is full, it means that you’re accomplishing great things and living up to your greatest potential in this lifetime.

If you are a lady, then you have to be careful not to be unduly vain. To sleep in a garret, you must keep a tight grip on your money. Someone may be on the defensive stance and ask you for money. To dream of being hunted in a garret merely signifies that someone near you is so enslaved by their stuff that they cannot accomplish anything else.

Dreaming of a loft conversion implies that you lack the motivation to make a change in your life. To achieve your objectives, you must continually adapt your way of living. You may be dissatisfied with your current situation and realize that you need to make some important changes. Make changes to your life to increase your energy. If you dream about being confined in a garret, it means that you are determined to succeed in life. Dreaming of constructing a garret implies that you are exceedingly diligent and hardworking. A tidy garret indicates that you will be making a cash offer shortly.

Dreaming of many objects in the garret (like boxes) indicates that you need to keep something hidden. You’ll also need the motivation to keep working hard.

Feelings that you may have experienced in a garret dream
Enjoying it. Admiring. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy.


Garter in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?
Garter symbolizes desire, sexuality, the desire to impress and the need to be admired by others. Its appearance in a dream usually foreshadows a great love adventure. In the dreams of single men Garter often heralds the appearance of a rival in the fight for the heart of the chosen one, while in the case of married people it means infidelity.
wearing a garter

- a sign that nothing can disturb your self-confidence
taking off the garter

- shows that you will give others the opportunity to spread rumors about yourself

losing the garter

- is an announcement that fate will not be in your favor
finding her

- a series of misfortunes awaits you, which will not want to leave you for a long time
someone else finds a garter

- a sign that you will receive help from a loyal friend
receive it as a gift

- reflect la your strong faith in a better tomorrow
lace garter

- it bodes that someone will reveal your secret

a few garters

- is an announcement that you will admit your mistake and thanks to this you will repair the damage done to someone
putting it on your leg

- it means that you will succumb to pressure from the environment

- you will make someone passionate, so watch out for jealousy.

If a woman dreams she is wearing a beautiful garter at her wedding it denotes that her reputation will suffer if she commits an indiscretion and it becomes known.
If a man sees his lovers garter it is an omen foretelling he will have many rivals for her affection.

To dream that you have lost your Garter indicates coming misfortune.
If both Garters should be loose and come down, the omen becomes more emphatic.

If someone picks it up and returns it to you, it is a sign that a loyal friend will help you in your difficulty; but if the person retains the Garter, then your troubles will be increased by treachery on the part of someone near you.