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Citrix CCP-AppDS Exam Syllabus Topics:

Front End Optimization- Determine how to utilize front-end optimizations based on a given scenario.
Performance Tuning and Other Optimizations- Determine how the Citrix ADC system uses HTTP connections based on a given description.
- Determine how to Tune HTTP and TCP behaviors in Connection Profiles.
Managing and Monitoring Citrix ADC Instances- Determine how to manage multiple instances in a single Citrix Application Delivery Management deployment with Instance Management.
- Determine how to manage the aspects of Authentication and Authorization on Citrix ADM.
- Identify what data is captured and utilized with Analytics and Automation.
- Determine how to configure and install SSL Certificates on Citrix Application Delivery Management.
-Determine how to monitor user connections using dashboards.
Citrix Web App Firewall Profiles and Policies-Determine how to configure Citrix Web App Firewall Policies.
- Determine how to create or implement (binding) Citrix Web App Firewall profiles.
- Determine how to configure Citrix Web App Firewall learning for a given scenario.
-Determine how to analyze Citrix Web App Firewall settings.
Implementing Citrix Web App Firewall Protections- Determine how to configure security checks to meet given requirements.
-Determine how to analyze data flow to meet given requirements.
- Determine how to configure rules and adaptive learning to meet the needs of a given environment.
- Determine how to create or modify signature rules based on given requirements.
- Determine how to configure the various top-level protections based on the needs of an environment.
Citrix ADC Security and Filtering-Determine how to implement HTTP Callout.
-Determine how to implement IP rate-limiting.
-Determine how to implement IP reputation.
-Determine how to Implement AppQoE.
Introduction and Configuration of Citrix Application Delivery Management- Determine which features of Citrix Application Delivery Management should be used based on a description of an environment.
-Determine what is needed for the Citrix ADM Service.
- Determine how to deploy Citrix Application Delivery Management based on a given scenario.
- Determine how to perform the initial configuration of Citrix Application Delivery Management.
- Determine how to create additional instances of Citrix Application Delivery Management.
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Citrix Web App Firewall- Determine how to deploy Citrix Web App Firewall for a given environment.- Determine how Citrix Web App Firewall interacts with applications in a given environment.
- Determine how to resolve Citrix Web App Firewall configuration issues given a description of an issue.
-Determine how to Implement logging and reporting.
-Determine how to customize error pages for a given environment.
-Identify troubleshooting methods for Citrix Web App Firewall.
Introducing Citrix Web App Firewall-Determine how to audit for PCI-DSS compliance.
- Determine the appropriate methodology to use for a given scenario.
- Determine the functionality of Citrix Web App Firewall, given a scenario.
Authentication using OAuth and OpenID- Determine how to configure OAuth and OpenID based on a description of a Citrix ADC environment.
- Determine how to configure multi-factor authentication in a Citrix ADC environment based on a given scenario.

The Citrix 1Y0-341 exam covers a wide range of topics, including advanced security configurations such as SSL/TLS, AppFirewall, and web application configurations. Additionally, the exam also covers advanced management concepts such as high availability, disaster recovery, and backup and restore. It also includes optimization best practices to help professionals to achieve higher performance and increase network efficiency.

The Citrix 1Y0-341 or the Citrix ADC Advanced Topics - Security, Management, and Optimization exam is here to make you an app delivery and security specialist in no time. As apps have now become an indispensable part of our lives and business, obtaining expertise in this domain will turn you into an industry asset instantly.

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Citrix ADC Advanced Topics - Security, Management and Optimization Sample Questions (Q106-Q111):

Scenaho: A Citrix Engineer needs to block requests from a list of IP addresses in a database maintained by the Security team. The Security team has built a web application that will send a response of either "Blocked" or "Allowed," based on whether the given IP address is on the list. Which expression should the engineer use to extract the status for policy processing?

  • A. HTTP.RES.BODY(1000)
  • C. HTTP.RES.HEADERf Connection")

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is asked to implement multi-factor authentication for Citrix Gateway. The engineer creates the authentication policies and binds the policies to the appropriate bind points. The engineer creates a custom form using Notepad++ to format the page which will capture the user's credentials.
What is the first step the engineer must perform to assign this form to the authentication process?

  • A. Create a login schema policy and bind it to the authentication virtual server.
  • B. Bind the authentication policy to the primary authentication bank of the Citrix Gateway
  • C. Create a login schema profile and select the uploaded file.
  • D. Create an authentication policy label and bind it to an authentication policy.

Answer: D

The NetScaler logging client server can be installed and configured to store the log for ___________.
(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

  • A. statistics of the HTTP and HTTPS web sites load balanced on NetScaler
  • B. HTTP and HTTPS requests processed by the NetScaler
  • C. status of all the HTTP and HTTPS backend web servers
  • D. HTTP and HTTPS active connections on the NetScaler

Answer: B

Which Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) feature can a Citrix Engineer use to narrow a list of Citrix ADC devices based on pre-defined criteria?

  • A. Configuration Template
  • B. Instance Groups
  • C. Tags
  • D. Agent
  • E. AutoScale Groups

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer notices that a web page takes a long time to display. Upon further investigation, the engineer determines that the requested page consists of a table of high-resolution pictures which are being displayed in table cells measuring 320 by 180 pixels.
Which Front End Optimization technique can the engineer enable on the Citrix ADC to improve time to display?

  • A. Minify
  • B. Extend Page Cache
  • C. Shrink to Attributes
  • D. Make Inline

Answer: A

Explanation/Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/11-1/optimization/front-end-optimization.html


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