Instead of being the result of some sophisticated genetic mutation, autoflowering strains are the culmination of decades of meticulous breeding: Ruderalis lineages have been crossed with common Indica and Sativa strains. Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds belonging to the Ruderalis family may be found in several of the world's coldest climates.

Due to the unfavorable circumstances, it has evolved naturally to blossom as it ages, enabling it to escape the restrictions of a light cycle dependence in a region of the planet with limited light. Because ruderalis strains don't generate a lot of bud and the bud they do produce is relatively weak, there is little value in growing a pure ruderalis strain, which is why you don't find them on the market.

You May Harvest Autoflowering At Any Time Of The Year

Cannabis seeds that autoflower don't need the sun's cycles to control their blooming. As a result, they may be cultivated all year round and subject to several harvests without concern for seasonal variations. Additionally, it gives first-time producers a significant advantage by letting them learn cannabis cultivation without having to worry about correct light cycle control.

Results From Autoflowering Strains Appear Quite Quickly

Along with the previously mentioned benefit, autoflowering seeds yield results quite soon. They can provide fresh crops quickly and continuously since they may go from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks. You would assume that they can't yield as much as a typical strain since they grow so rapidly, and in certain ways, you'd be correct.

It's crucial to balance out the yield to time ratio, though. Even though certain autoflowering strains don't produce as much as regular strains, they blossom much, much faster, enabling many grows to be done in the same area in the same amount of time. When considering a longer time to yield picture, this may actually provide a higher total yield. Additionally, it implies more regular harvests, allowing you to maintain a steady supply of bud without the need for additional setups like different rooms.

Autoflowering Are Discrete

Even sativa-dominant autoflowering strains often seldom reach heights of more than 1-1.2 meters. This makes managing grow rooms more simpler and provides for a lot of stealth and discretion. Because of this, autoflowering strains are perfect for people who wish to cultivate on their balcony or who want to engage in some covert cultivation. For individuals who wish to cultivate sativa but lack the room, their petite size might also be rather enticing.


Autoflowering strains of cannabis are particularly resistant to the cold, diseases, and pests since they are descended from ruderalis. Because of this, autoflowering strains are not only easier for beginners to cultivate, but also ideal for colder climates. They can even be grown outside in the winter if it isn't too chilly.

Growing Is Easy

Cannabis cultivation is much simplified by autoflowers. Due to their simplicity and quick response, they are the ideal entry point into the world of horticulture and continue to be many seasoned and professional growers' first choice. Overall, they require less upkeep throughout their lifespan and are resistant to pests and harsh weather. Additionally, they are tolerant of small mistakes and resilient against neglect.


If you Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds already provide a wide range of alluring advantages. Breeders, however, are just now beginning to fully realize the potential of these cultivars. The future holds even greater cannabinoid counts, more flavorful terpene profiles, and shorter flowering durations.