Observation Elevators Factory introduces maintenance methods for home elevators: For toothed traction elevators, the reduction gearbox of the traction system is used to reduce the output speed of the traction machine and increase the output torque. There are many types of traction system reduction gearbox structures, the commonly used ones are worm gear type, bevel gear type, and planetary gear type. Turbine and worm-type traction machine turbines are mostly made of wear-resistant bronze, and the worm is made of alloy steel with surface carburizing and quenching. The sliding between the tooth surfaces of the worm transmission is large, the tooth surface contact time is longer, and the friction and wear are outstanding. Therefore, no matter what kind of worm gear drive, there are problems of extreme pressure and anti-wear. Similarly, bevel gear and planetary gear traction machines also have the problem of extreme pressure and wear resistance. In addition, the oil used for the traction machine should have good fluidity at low temperatures, and good oxidation stability and thermal stability at high temperatures. The traction machine of a home elevator needs oil lubrication. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to check that the oil should be in the middle of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the scale below, it means that the traction machine should be refueled. If no oil is added, the elevator will run for a long time. It will not get good lubrication, which will lead to the burning of the elevator traction machine and the motor. When the villa elevator runs for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time to keep the traction machine fresh and well lubricated. https://www.fujihsed.com/