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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst is a highly recognized certification in the field of Salesforce. It is designed for professionals who have experience in business analysis and want to specialize in Salesforce. The certification validates the skills and knowledge required to work as a business analyst in a Salesforce environment. The certification exam is conducted by Salesforce and is known as the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam.

The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Exam is ideal for individuals who want to advance their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. The certification is suitable for business analysts, solution architects, developers, and other professionals who work with Salesforce technology. The exam is designed to validate the candidate's understanding of the Salesforce platform and its related products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in 105 minutes. It covers a wide range of topics including Salesforce data model, Salesforce security model, Salesforce automation, and Salesforce reporting. The certification is valid for three years and requires candidates to pass a maintenance exam to keep it current. The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst certification is a valuable asset for professionals who want to advance in their careers and increase their earning potential within the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Sample Questions (Q206-Q211):

Cloud Kicks needs to revamp its support process to improve the customer experience and has asked the Service Cloud team to collaborate with the business analyst (BA). The BA has scheduled an initial live process mapping session with all stakeholders and received the following calendar responses:

What should the BA do?

  • A. Proceed with the workshop as scheduled with the stakeholders who are available.
  • B. Hold a one-on-one diagram session with each stakeholder before the workshop.
  • C. Cancel the workshop and reschedule it to a date when ail stakeholders ace available.

Answer: C

An executive stakeholders at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to explore automating NTO's Quote-to-Cash process and has asked the business analyst (BA) to pull together some high-level information on possible solutions.
Which type of document should the BA present to the stakeholders?

  • A. A capability map detailing the functionality of Salesforce and AppExchange Quote-to-Cash products
  • B. A business process map detailing the existing step-by-step Quote-to-Cash process
  • C. A SIPOC (Support inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers) map outlining the Quote-to-Cash process

Answer: A

A business analyst JBA) for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is reviewing the business backlog and determines that many of the requirements would require custom code that is expensive and hard to maintain. The BA knows that the backlog should be prioritized by people who have knowledge of the features and functionary of the Salesforce Platform.
Who should own the process of prioritizing the business backlog?

  • A. The business teams affected, with support from the internal technology teams who understand ways to maximize Salesforce's declarative features
  • B. The third-party implementation team, with support from the internal technology teams affected by the project who understand NTO's vision and strategy
  • C. The project manager, with support from the third-party implementation and business teams who understand both platform and business priorities.

Answer: A

Universal Containers has asked a business analyst (BA) to assist the sales management team with a request for a new picklist field called "Lost Reason" on the Opportunity object with the goal of improving pipeline reports. After mapping the managers to the sales leader persona and obtaining feedback from them, the BA has discovered that the managers want to better understand Closed/Lost Opportunities so they can help sales teams close more deals.
Which option should the BA use to construct the user story?

  • A. AS a sales leader, I need a new "Closed/Lost Reason" picklist field on Opportunities and better reports to help the sales team improve close rates.
  • B. As a sales team member, I need additional enablement training and reporting information to help the improve close rates.
  • C. As a sales leader, I want to see more details on Closed/Lost Opportunities so I can help the sales team improve close rates.

Answer: C

Cloud Kicks has invited stakeholders from multiple departments and roles to participate in its latest Salesforce project. Each stakeholder's experiences and priorities for the project are different which causes tension within the team and a lack of clarity around project direction.
What should the business analyst do to help the team work together more effectively?

  • A. Lead the stakeholders in creating a team agreement that assigns project roles and outlines how the team will collaborate, disagree, develop trust, and define success
  • B. Limit participation in key project discovery, requirements, and solutioning meetings to leadership. and engage the larger team to answer questions directly/ related to their roles when needed.
  • C. Encourage leadership to share their vision for the project, and ask the larger team to focus feedback only on the key objectives, pain points, and requirements outlined by leaders

Answer: C


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