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The Microsoft AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) Certification Exam is an entry-level certification exam that tests the foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services. It is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing or want to enhance their knowledge in the field of cloud computing. The exam aims to validate the understanding of key concepts of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure services.

The Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure to potential employers. This certification is recognized by many organizations and can help you stand out in a competitive job market. It is also a good starting point for individuals who want to pursue other Microsoft Azure certifications.

The Microsoft AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) Exam is a certification exam that measures a candidate's foundational knowledge of cloud services and how they are provided with Microsoft Azure. It is an entry-level exam that is suitable for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing or for those who want to validate their knowledge of cloud concepts. The exam covers a range of topics such as cloud computing concepts, Azure services, security, compliance, pricing and support.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Sample Questions (Q66-Q71):

Select the answer that correctly completes the sentence.



Your company has an Azure environment that contains resources in several regions.
A company policy states that administrators must only be allowed to create additional Azure resources in a region in the country where their office is located.
You need to create the Azure resource that must be used to meet the policy requirement.
What should you create?

  • A. a management group
  • B. a read-only lock
  • C. an Azure policy
  • D. a reservation

Answer: C

Section: Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance and Trust
Azure policies can be used to define requirements for resource properties during deployment and for already existing resources. Azure Policy controls properties such as the types or locations of resources.
Azure Policy is a service in Azure that you use to create, assign, and manage policies. These policies enforce different rules and effects over your resources, so those resources stay compliant with your corporate standards and service level agreements. Azure Policy meets this need by evaluating your resources for non- compliance with assigned policies. All data stored by Azure Policy is encrypted at rest.
Azure Policy offers several built-in policies that are available by default. In this question, we would use the
'Allowed Locations' policy to define the locations where resources can be deployed.

You plan to create an Azure virtual machine.
You need to identify which storage service must be used to store the data disks of the virtual machine.
What should you identify? To answer, select the appropriate service in the answer area.



Match the Azure service to the correct description.
Instructions: To answer, drag the appropriate Azure service from the column on the left to its description on the right. Each service may be used once, more than once, or not at all NOTE: Each correct match is worth one point.



Your company has an on-premises network that contains multiple servers.
The company plans to reduce the following administrative responsibilities of network administrators:
* Backing up application data
* Replacing failed server hardware
* Managing physical server security
* Updating server operating systems
* Managing permissions to shared documents
The company plans to migrate several servers to Azure virtual machines.
You need to identify which administrative responsibilities will be reduced after the planned migration.
Which two responsibilities should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Backing up application data
  • B. Updating server operating systems
  • C. Managing permissions to shared documents
  • D. Managing physical server security
  • E. Replacing failed server hardware

Answer: D,E

Azure virtual machines run on Hyper-V physical servers. The physical servers are owned and managed by Microsoft. As an Azure customer, you have no access to the physical servers. Microsoft manage the replacement of failed server hardware and the security of the physical servers so you don't need to.


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