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Achieving the Salesforce CDP certification demonstrates your expertise in managing customer data in Salesforce and your ability to create personalized customer experiences and drive business growth. With this certification, you can showcase your skills to potential employers and advance your career in marketing, sales, or customer service.

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The Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Exam is intended for individuals who work with the Salesforce Customer Data Platform, including administrators, developers, architects, and marketers. The exam is designed to validate an individual's knowledge and skills related to the Salesforce Customer Data Platform, and is a key step in achieving certification as a Salesforce Customer Data Platform professional. By passing the exam, individuals demonstrate their ability to effectively use the Salesforce Customer Data Platform to drive business growth, improve customer engagement, and optimize marketing campaigns. The exam is a valuable credential for professionals who want to enhance their career prospects and take their skills to the next level in the rapidly growing field of customer data management.

Salesforce Customer Data Platform Sample Questions (Q36-Q41):

Which of these is present in Identity Resolution Summary?

  • A. All the above
  • B. Matched Individuals
  • C. Unified Individuals
  • D. Last Processing Status

Answer: A

How does an admin increase the consolidation rate for Identity Resolution?

  • A. Merge all reconciliation rules to Source Sequence
  • B. (...) the ignore Empty Value option
  • C. More matching rules to broaden the search for matches
  • D. (...) the number of matching rules

Answer: C

Which Salesforce CDP use case drives acquisition of new customers based on first party data?

  • A. Post-purchase
  • B. Universal Suppression across known channels
  • C. Prospective Look-a-Likes with paid media
  • D. Loyalty Segmentation

Answer: C

What type of data is collected by a company or entity that does not have a direct relationship with the visitor and customer?

  • A. Second Party Data
  • B. Third Party Data
  • C. First Party Data
  • D. Partner Data

Answer: B

What programming language is used to configure Calculated Insights

  • A. Python
  • B. DCL
  • D. SOQL

Answer: C


Customer-Data-Platform Valid Exam Objectives:

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