Talking about injuries at homes or offices the major reason behind this is slippery floors. As compared to every corner, the most slippery area is the bathrooms. Aren't they? It leads to greater injuries, especially for individuals of 65 age. Therefore, keeping everyone's safety in mind, bathroom floors shouldn't be neglected. 
Thanks to the new technologies, today people can use several medical bathroom equipment. However, still bathrooms can be dangerous places for seniors especially if small in size. So to make sure everyone is safe and to prevent fall accidents, here are the best ways you can follow. 
  • Prevent Tub Slippage

To prevent falls, one of the important things to keep in mind is tub slippage. Being one of the slippery parts of the bathroom, it can really cause major accidents. Therefore, one can use toilet aids such as nonslip stripes and mats in tubs or tiles. This will give you and other members extra grip, keeping you safe. 
  • Non-Slip Surfaces

Another reason behind falls and major accidents is slippery surfaces. So the best decision would be to install non-slip surfaces on bathroom floors. Also, make sure to remove rugs or mats as one can stumble upon them and slip. However, if you can't throw away your mat, then try to secure your bathroom rug using toilet aids such as double-sided tape, tacks or slip-resistant backings.
  • Light Up Your Bathroom

Sometimes the reason behind falls is not always slippery falls. Sometimes it can also be due to bad lighting. Talking about bathrooms, they are often well-lit during the day but at night you can hardly see anything without lights. So make sure your bathroom has good lights enough to see properly in the dark. 
  • Keep Clean and Dry

Medical bathroom equipment isn't everything you need. Sometimes people must be careful on their own too. So to prevent falls on slippery floors, make sure you clean residue or mould. Also, check the conditions of your bathroom equipment such as the bathtub or shower as damaged items can lead to accidents. Also, make sure that your floor is dry by cleaning excess water. Also, use a weighted shower curtain every time to prevent water from dripping onto the floor.
  • Install Rails or Grab Bars

As you age, maintaining your balance can become much more difficult, especially in locations where it is frequently damp and slippery. In order to provide you and other members with something stable to hang onto, install toilet aids such as grab bars or rails in or around the shower, bathtub, and toilet. Besides, you should have no trouble choosing such bathroom equipment because they are available in a wide range of lengths, materials, and designs. 
  • Ensure Easy Reach

Another way to prevent falls on slippery floors like the bathroom is to ensure easy reach. This means ensuring that items that are frequently used are within easy reach in the bathroom or other areas, where there is a higher risk of slipping or falling. This is especially important in the shower or bath. Make sure that items like shampoo, conditioner, and towels are easily accessible.

Never Rush to the Bathroom

As said earlier, medical bathroom equipment can not always save you if you yourself aren't careful. For instance, never rush through a shower or bath. The water all around merely makes the bathtub and shower even more slippery. So to avoid sliding and falling, never be in a hurry. Also, make sure to purchase your equipment from the right stores that offer a warranty. Besides, make sure you always keep an eye on your bathroom corners for cracks or damages.