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Earning the Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Designer certification is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in Salesforce data security and access management. This certification can not only help you advance your career as a Salesforce administrator, but it can also increase your earning potential. Moreover, it is a valuable asset for organizations that rely on Salesforce to manage their data, as it ensures that their data is secure, compliant, and accessible to the right people at the right time.

The Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Designer certification is an advanced-level certification that is highly valued by employers and organizations. It is an excellent way for Salesforce professionals to demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing complex sharing and visibility solutions in Salesforce. The certification exam is designed to help professionals advance their careers and take on more challenging roles in their organizations.

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The Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Designer certification exam is a challenging exam that requires a thorough understanding of Salesforce's data security model, data sharing, and data visibility. Candidates for this certification exam are expected to have a strong knowledge of Salesforce's sharing and visibility features, including record-level security, sharing rules, and manual sharing. They should also have a good understanding of Salesforce's data model, including objects, fields, and relationships.

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer Sample Questions (Q140-Q145):

Ursa Major Solar is writing test methods.
Which functionality does the system method "runAs()" Verify?

  • A. Enforcement of a user's field-level security.
  • B. Enforcement of a user's public group assignments.
  • C. Enforcement of user's permissions.
  • D. Enforcement of a user's record sharing

Answer: D

Universal Containers has the following Sharing Settings for their Org:
Account = Private
Contact = Controlled by Parent
Opportunity = Private
Case = Private
They have enabled "Default Account Teams" and have trained users to set up their Default Team. Which three access levels can be set on the Account Team Member?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Case Acces
  • B. Contract Access
  • C. Contact Access
  • D. Opportunity Access
  • E. Account Access

Answer: A,D,E

A dummy user at Universal Containers owns more that 10,000 lead records. The system assigned all these leads to a dummy user. This is causing performance issues whenever role hierarchy changes. Which two options should be recommended to improve performance?
Choose 2 answers.

  • A. Add the dummy user into a public group.
  • B. Do not assign a role to the dummy user.
  • C. Assign ownership to a small number of users.
  • D. Add the dummy user to the bottom of the role hierarchy.

Answer: B,C

Cloud Kicks needs to restrict login access to the Salesforce application.
What are two features an Architect should recommend using to accomplish the goal? (Choose two.)

  • A. Role-based IP restrictions
  • B. Profile-based login hour restrictions
  • C. Profile-based IP restrictions
  • D. Organization-wide login hour restrictions

Answer: B,C

Cosmic Repair Solutions has several repair centers in the country, and uses a custom object called 'Inventory' to track parts used by technicians for repair jobs. The company uses a private sharing model for the records of this object. A custom profile has been assigned to the technicians who frequently access Salesforce. Currently, a technician is only able to access an 'Inventory' record if they have access to the parent 'Repair Job' record.
But since technicians are often required to collaborate with one another, they need to be given access to view all the 'Inventory' records in Salesforce. What should be done to meet the requirement?Choose 1 answer.

  • A. Create an ownership-based sharing rule to grant 'Read Only' access to the profile of technicians.
  • B. Grant 'View All Data' permission to the technicians in their profile.
  • C. Change the organization-wide default sharing setting of the 'Inventory' object to 'Public Read Only'.
  • D. Select 'View All' permission on the object in the technicians' profile.

Answer: D


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