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The F5 201 Certification Exam is a challenging test that requires candidates to have a deep understanding of the BIG-IP system. It is designed to ensure that IT professionals who hold this certification have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and configure complex network environments using F5's products.

The F5 201 certification is highly valued in the IT industry as it signifies an individual's expertise in managing and administering BIG-IP solutions. The certification demonstrates a candidate's ability to design, deploy, and troubleshoot F5 BIG-IP solutions and provides a competitive advantage in the job market. Employers seek F5 certified professionals for their ability to manage and optimize the performance of critical applications, ensuring high availability and security.

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To become certified as an F5 201 (BIG-IP Administrator), candidates must pass the certification exam. The exam is administered by F5 Networks, a leading provider of application delivery networking (ADN) technology. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is timed at two hours. Candidates must achieve a score of 69% or higher to pass the exam and earn certification.

F5 BIG-IP Administrator Exam Sample Questions (Q151-Q156):

Refer to the exhibit.

A BIG-IP Administrator needs to fall over the active device. The administrator logs into the Configuration Unity and navigates to Device Management > Traffic Group. However, Force to Standby is greyed out What is causing this issue?

  • A. The BIG-IP Administrator is NOT logged into command line to tail over
  • B. The BIG-IP Administrator is logged in as administrator
  • C. The BIG-IP Administrator is logged in as root
  • D. The BIG-IP Administrator is on the Standby Device

Answer: D

Monitors can be assigned to which three resources. (Choose three.)

  • A. pool members
  • B. nodes
  • C. pools
  • D. iRules
  • E. NATs
  • F. virtual servers
  • G. SNATs

Answer: A,B,C

A web server administrator informs the BIG-IP Administrator that web servers are overloaded Starting next month, the BIG-IP device will terminate SSL to reduce web server load. The BIG-IP device is ready using client SSL client profile and Rules on HTTP level. What actions should the BIG-IP Administrators to achieve the desired configuration?

  • A. Remove the chart SSL profile and change the Virtual Server to accept HTTP
  • B. Remove the client SSL profile and configure the Pool Members to US HTTP
  • C. Remove the server SSL profile and configure the Pool Members to use HTTP
  • D. Remove the server SSL profile and change the Virtual Server to accept HTTP traffic

Answer: C

Which VLANs must be enabled for a SNAT to perform as desired (translating only desired packets).

  • A. The SNAT must be enabled for the VLANs where desired packets leave the BIGElIP.
  • B. The SNAT must be enabled for the VLANs where desired packets arrive on the BIGElIP.
  • C. The SNAT must be enabled for the VLANs where desired packets arrive and leave the BIGElIP.
  • D. The SNAT must be enabled for all VLANs.

Answer: B

Which method is recommended for creating a new user from the CLI?

  • A. Run f5adduser username' then 'f5passwd username' from bash or tmsh
  • B. Run useradd username' then 'passwd username' from bash tmsh
  • C. Run tmsh create auth user username prompt for password' from bash
  • D. edit bigip.conf to add the new user and the user's clear-text password

Answer: C

The f5adduser commands were removed and tmsh is the recommended way to create users.


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