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The Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer certification exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of professionals who work with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This certification validates that the individual has the expertise required to create and manage complex marketing automation processes and integrations.

The Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer Certification Exam is designed for professionals who specialize in developing and implementing marketing automation solutions using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. This certification confirms that individuals have the knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop custom solutions using Marketing Cloud’s suite of tools and functionalities. Candidates for this certification exam should have a strong understanding of Marketing Cloud’s data model, segmentation and personalization strategies, as well as experience with scripting languages and APIs.

To prepare for the Marketing-Cloud-Developer exam, candidates can take advantage of various resources provided by Salesforce, such as study guides and online courses. Additionally, hands-on experience with the Marketing Cloud platform is crucial for passing the exam. Candidates must be familiar with the platform's features and have experience developing automation workflows and email campaigns.

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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Sample Questions (Q114-Q119):

A developer is creating a CloudPage which accepts secure parameters via an email link and will submit those parameters to another CloudPage for data upsert. The page currently captures an Appointment ID parameter passed into it and sets the value to the variable caapptld. The developer does NOT want the Appointment ID to be visible to anyone using the form.
What is the best method to ensure the parameters are passed successfully to the data upsert page?

  • A. <input id="apptld" type="textarea" value»"%%«v(@>apptld)»%%" readonly>
  • B. <form action="%%=MicrositeURL(123,,apptId",@apptId)a%%" method="post">
  • C. <lnput ld=MapptId" type="textarea" value="%%«v(@apptld)«%%" hldden>
  • D. <form action«"%%»CloudPagesURL(123,'apptId',@apptId)«%%" methods "post">

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the IF statement below?

  • A. To handle when images are broken
  • B. To handle when no row is returned by the LookupRows function
  • C. To handle when there are multiple records in the data extension for the subscriber
  • D. To handle when the subscriber is in a held status

Answer: B

A developer built a complex dynamic email with many data variants. Rather than create test data manually, they want to use a subset of live data to validate the dynamic aspects of the email.
Which SQL function should be used to collect a representative sample from a larger data set?

  • B. OVER
  • C. NTILE

Answer: B

A developer wants to build an audience by identifying subsceibers who opened a specific email. Which query should the developer use?

  • A. SELECT SubscriberKey FROM _Open WHERE JobID = '1234'
  • B. SELECT * FROM _Open WHERE ListID = '1234'
  • C. SELECT * FROM _Open WHERE JobID = "1234"
  • D. SELECT SubscriberID FROM _Open WHERE JobID = "1234"

Answer: A

A developer is building an integration with the Marketing Cloud API. Which configuration should be used for the API integration component in the associated Installed Package?

  • A. Select the 'Admin-approved users are pre-authorized' option under Permitted Users.
  • B. Select all available options to enable package reuse for the future integrations
  • C. Select the minimum required scope for the integration
  • D. Select the 'Require Secret for Web Flor' option

Answer: C


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