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To prepare for the CIPT certification exam, candidates can take advantage of a range of study resources, including online courses, study guides, and practice exams. The IAPP also offers in-person training and certification courses, which provide candidates with hands-on experience and practical skills in privacy technology.

The IAPP CIPT Certification Exam is recognized globally and is highly respected in the privacy and data protection industry. Achieving this certification demonstrates an individual's commitment to privacy and data protection best practices, and can help them advance their career in fields such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and information technology. The exam is challenging, but with the right preparation and study, professionals can earn this valuable certification and become a trusted expert in the field of privacy and data protection.

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To be eligible to take the CIPT exam, candidates must first meet the IAPP's requirements, which include a minimum of two years of relevant work experience, or a combination of work experience and education. Additionally, candidates must agree to abide by the IAPP's code of ethics and complete the necessary training courses.

IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) Sample Questions (Q81-Q86):

What is the main benefit of using dummy data during software testing?

  • A. The data comes in a format convenient for testing.
  • B. Statistical disclosure controls are applied to the data.
  • C. Developers do not need special privacy training to test the software.
  • D. The data enables the suppression of particular values in a set.

Answer: D

An organization must terminate their cloud vendor agreement immediately. What is the most secure way to delete the encrypted data stored in the cloud?

  • A. Transfer the data to another location.
  • B. Invoke the appropriate deletion clause in the cloud terms and conditions.
  • C. Obtain a destruction certificate from the cloud vendor.
  • D. Destroy all encryption keys associated with the data.

Answer: D

Destroying all encryption keys associated with encrypted data stored on a cloud server would make that encrypted data inaccessible even if it still exists on that server 4.

You have just been hired by Ancillary.com, a seller of accessories for everything under the sun, including waterproof stickers for pool floats and decorative bands and cases for sunglasses. The company sells cell phone cases, e-cigarette cases, wine spouts, hanging air fresheners for homes and automobiles, book ends, kitchen implements, visors and shields for computer screens, passport holders, gardening tools and lawn ornaments, and catalogs full of health and beauty products. The list seems endless. As the CEO likes to say, Ancillary offers, without doubt, the widest assortment of low-price consumer products from a single company anywhere.
Ancillary's operations are similarly diverse. The company originated with a team of sales consultants selling home and beauty products at small parties in the homes of customers, and this base business is still thriving. However, the company now sells online through retail sites designated for industries and demographics, sites such as "My Cool Ride" for automobile-related products or "Zoomer" for gear aimed toward young adults. The company organization includes a plethora of divisions, units and outrigger operations, as Ancillary has been built along a decentered model rewarding individual initiative and flexibility, while also acquiring key assets. The retail sites seem to all function differently, and you wonder about their compliance with regulations and industry standards. Providing tech support to these sites is also a challenge, partly due to a variety of logins and authentication protocols.
You have been asked to lead three important new projects at Ancillary:
The first is the personal data management and security component of a multi-faceted initiative to unify the company's culture. For this project, you are considering using a series of third- party servers to provide company data and approved applications to employees.
The second project involves providing point of sales technology for the home sales force, allowing them to move beyond paper checks and manual credit card imprinting.
Finally, you are charged with developing privacy protections for a single web store housing all the company's product lines as well as products from affiliates. This new omnibus site will be known, aptly, as "Under the Sun." The Director of Marketing wants the site not only to sell Ancillary's products, but to link to additional products from other retailers through paid advertisements. You need to brief the executive team of security concerns posed by this approach.
What technology is under consideration in the first project in this scenario?

  • A. MAC filtering
  • B. Server driven controls.
  • C. Data on demand
  • D. Cloud computing

Answer: B

Which of the following CANNOT be effectively determined during a code audit?

  • A. Whether the differential privacy implementation correctly anonymizes data.
  • B. Whether consent is durably recorded in the case of a server crash.
  • C. Whether access control logic is recommended in all cases.
  • D. Whether data is being incorrectly shared with a third-party.

Answer: A

Wesley Energy has finally made its move, acquiring the venerable oil and gas exploration firm Lancelot from its long-time owner David Wilson. As a member of the transition team, you have come to realize that Wilson's quirky nature affected even Lancelot's data practices, which are maddeningly inconsistent. "The old man hired and fired IT people like he was changing his necktie," one of Wilson's seasoned lieutenants tells you, as you identify the traces of initiatives left half complete.
For instance, while some proprietary data and personal information on clients and employees is encrypted, other sensitive information, including health information from surveillance testing of employees for toxic exposures, remains unencrypted, particularly when included within longer records with less-sensitive data. You also find that data is scattered across applications, servers and facilities in a manner that at first glance seems almost random.
Among your preliminary findings of the condition of data at Lancelot are the following:
* Cloud technology is supplied by vendors around the world, including firms that you have not heard of. You are told by a former Lancelot employee that these vendors operate with divergent security requirements and protocols.
* The company's proprietary recovery process for shale oil is stored on servers among a variety of less- sensitive information that can be accessed not only by scientists, but by personnel of all types at most company locations.
* DES is the strongest encryption algorithm currently used for any file.
* Several company facilities lack physical security controls, beyond visitor check-in, which familiar vendors often bypass.
* Fixing all of this will take work, but first you need to grasp the scope of the mess and formulate a plan of action to address it.
Which procedure should be employed to identify the types and locations of data held by Wesley Energy?

  • A. Data inventory.
  • B. Log collection
  • C. Privacy audit.
  • D. Data classification.

Answer: A


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