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The Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close 2022 Implementation Professional exam is intended for individuals who have a strong understanding of financial consolidation and close processes and have experience in implementing Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service solutions. This certification exam is ideal for professionals who are responsible for implementing and managing the Oracle FCCS application, including IT managers, implementation consultants, and system administrators. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including financial consolidation and close processes, data integration, security, and reporting, providing a comprehensive understanding of the FCCS application. This certification demonstrates the candidates' ability to implement and manage Oracle FCCS solutions, making them valuable assets to any organization.

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Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close 2022 Implementation Professional Sample Questions (Q90-Q95):

Which four sample ratios can be created during the application creation process? (Choose four.)

  • A. Gross Margin
  • B. Earnings per Share
  • C. Debt Ratio
  • D. Days Sales in Receivables
  • E. Contribution Margin
  • F. Inventory Ratios

Answer: A,C,D,F

To show the Intercompany account and matching account balances on the Intercompany Matching Report, you make which selection?

  • A. Elimination Consolidation Dimension member
  • B. Intercompany Partners
  • C. Intercompany Plug Accounts
  • D. Intercompany Accounts

Answer: B

Intercompany Partner (ICP) Matching reports list the intercompany transactions that are eliminated during consolidation. Intercompany transactions are managed across the Intercompany Partner dimension. Reference:

Which selection enables data to be imported directly into any Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) application?

  • A. Select Import, then Actions, and then Data
  • B. Select Application, then Overview, then Actions, and then Import Data
  • C. Select Dimensions, then Actions, and then Import Data
  • D. Select Application, then Overview, then Data, and then Export

Answer: B

Which statement correctly describes what happens to parent entities during consolidation?

  • A. The changes in the relational database are synced to the underlying Essbase cube.
  • B. From each child of the entity, data from the FCCS_Contribution Consolidation dimension member is added together and stored in the FCCS_Entity Consolidation member of the entity.
  • C. The data in the FCCS_Intercompany Eliminations Data Source dimension member is subtracted from the FCCS_TotalInputAndAdjusted Data Source dimension member for each descendant and then added together.
  • D. Since parent entities are tagged as dynamic calc, the consolidation has no effect on the entity dimension.

Answer: B

A company has two subsidiaries with 1000 EURO each in the Cash account.
Which four Consolidation Members will reflect 2000 EURO at the company's balance? (Choose four.)

  • A. FCCS_Elimination
  • B. FCCS_Entity Total
  • C. FCCS_Entity Consolidation
  • D. FCCS_Contribution
  • E. FCCS_Entity Input
  • F. FCCS_Proportion

Answer: B,C,D,E


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