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The Salesforce CCD-102 exam covers several topics, including B2C Commerce architecture, SFRA development, data management, and site design and customization. To pass the exam, the candidate must demonstrate their expertise in these areas by correctly answering a minimum of 65% of the questions.

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Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA Sample Questions (Q37-Q42):

A client uses tax tables in Business Manager to calculate tax. They recently started shipping to a new country, Italy, and the taxi s not being calculated correctly on the Storefront What is the likely problem?

  • A. Tax Locale is configured wrong
  • B. Tax Region is configured wrong.
  • C. Tax Jurisdiction is missing
  • D. Tax Country is missing

Answer: C

The client provided these business requirements:
* The B2C Commerce storefront will integrate with the client's Order Management System (OMS).
* The storefront will provide reel-time order export of successfully pieced orders The OMS supports both web service export end SFTP batch order export, but the client has expressed concern about the availability of the OMS.
Which two solutions satisfy the requirements and address the OMS reliability concern?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Implement a Live export of orders during checkout via SFTP, marking the processed order as exported when it has completed successfully.
  • B. Implement a live export of orders during checkout vie web service, marking the processed order as exported when the AM returns successfully.
  • C. Implement a batch export of orders to SFTP, excluding exported orders. This runs as a scheduled fc>b with a high-frequency run rate end marks processed orders as exported upon success.
  • D. implement a batch export of orders via web service, excluding exported orders. This runs as a scheduled Job with an hourly run rate end marks processed orders as exported upon success.

Answer: B,C

A developer plans to use the /search_suggestion (Shop API) in a Storefront application and the following property must be set to do so suggestion.product.image:view_type What consideration should the developer in keep in mind to ensure that image data is returned correctly as part of search suggestions?

  • A. If the view_type is not set or if the view_type is unknown, the image size of 'large' is used by default
  • B. If the view_type is not set or if the view_type is unknown, the image size of 'small' is used by default
  • C. If the view_type is not set or if the view_type is unknown, the image properties are not part of the response.

Answer: C

A client has just pushed a new site live to Production. However during smoke testing. It's found that some customers are not seeing the correct pricing on the Product Detail Page.
What three places would the Architect begin to look for the cause of this Issue?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Check that there was not an error during replication.
  • B. Check that the cache is set correctly
  • C. Check the Quota Status page.
  • D. Check Log Center
  • E. Check the Global Preferences to be sure the settings are correct.

Answer: A,B,C

A developer needs to check for product inventory in all inventory lists using the Open Commerce API.
An example request URL is:

Which properly should the developer check in the OCAPI settings to confirm the appropriate resource is enabled?

  • A. Client_id
  • B. Ecom-inventory
  • C. Inventory_list

Answer: B


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