Sometimes when people book on Aeromexico to cancel their flight due to personal reason or concern, they want to know, How to cancel booking on Aeromexico? Because they are not aware of the cancellation process on Aeromexico Airlines. Check Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy.

You can cancel your booking of Aeromexico in two ways. Via web page:

Visit the Official web page of Aeromexico Airlines. 

Then, enter your reservation reference number or verification number and family name.

Now, you will see the booking details on your screen.

on the option "Cancel flights". Submit the refund request form, if applicable.

You will receive a confirmation text to your number to cancel your Aeromexico Airlines flight.

How to Cancel Aeromexico Airlines Flight Ticket

If you wish to cancel your Aeromexico Airlines flight ticket, you may need to know about Aeroflot Airlines's cancellation policy without any worries. Any booking must have flights canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Then they will not be charged any cancellation fee and will receive a full refund in their original mode of payment, but the reservation must be made at least one week prior to departure. Refunds will be triggered automatically after Aeromexico Airlines flights are cancelled. If passengers have booked flights through a third party such as a travel agency, they will need to contact that party to cancel their Aeromexico Airlines flight. Refunds will be initiated only on refundable tickets; If passengers have bought non-refundable tickets, they will not get refund. How much does it cost to cancel a refund flight? When travelers cancel their flights, the first thing that comes to mind is flight cancellation. With Aeromexico Airlines, if someone cancels their flight ticket through the phone call method, they will charge $20 for each seat on the plane.

Does Aeromexico charge for cancellation?

You may wonder, does Aeromexico charge for cancellation? Because most airlines charge fees for this? The cancellation time usually depends on the type of ticket you have, the time of cancellation and many other factors. If you cancel your booking and your date is correct then you may not be charged any cancellation fee. You may have to pay some cancellation charges for e-tickets and others. If you have taken insurance for your booking, you will not be charged any cancellation fee