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The Fortinet NSE6_WCS-6.4 exam is a certification exam designed to test the knowledge and skills of candidates in securing AWS with Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4. This certification is ideal for IT professionals who work with AWS and want to enhance their skills and knowledge in cloud security. The exam is designed to test the ability of candidates to secure cloud infrastructure, configure security policies, and manage cloud security.

Achieving the Fortinet NSE6_WCS-6.4 certification can be a significant career milestone for IT professionals who work with cloud security on AWS. This certification demonstrates a deep understanding of cloud security best practices and a mastery of Fortinet technologies for securing AWS environments. It can also open up new job opportunities and career advancement paths, as employers increasingly seek professionals with cloud security expertise to help them navigate the complexities of cloud computing.

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Fortinet NSE 6 - Securing AWS With Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4 Sample Questions (Q18-Q23):

Which three statements are correct about VPC flow (Choose three.)

  • A. Flow logs can capture real-time log streams for the network interfaces.
  • B. Flow logs do not capture DHCP traffic.
  • C. Flow logs do not capture traffic to andfrom169.2 54 .169.254 for instance metadata.
  • D. Flow logs can be used as a security tool to monitor the traffic that is reaching the instance.
  • E. Flow logs can capture traffic to the reserved IP address for the default VPC router.

Answer: B,C,D

What is the purpose of the created as part Of a FortiGate autoscale deployment using Fortinet cloud formation template in AWS?

  • A. To store the traffic logs Of all FortiGates.
  • B. To store information about varying states of auto scaling conditions.
  • C. To Store the information used for the scale set.
  • D. To store the firewall policies used by all FortiGates_

Answer: B

A customer deployed Fortinet Managed Rules for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Web-Application Firewall (WAF) to protect web application servers from attacks.
Which statement about Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF is correct?

  • A. It can perform bot and known search engine identification and protection
  • B. It can provide IP Reputation (WAF subscription FortiGuard).
  • C. It can provide Layer 7 DOS protection.
  • D. It offers a negative security model.

Answer: A

An MSSP deployed 16 FortiGate VMS With the default AWS security groups and network access lists using an on-demand license from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. They are using a third-party configuration backup application to back up and track changes for the FortiGate configurations. It can connect to the FortiGatedevices using only the SSH protocol, A customer is using the correct username and password configured on the FortiGate devices. but they are unable to log in using theSSH protocol.
What can be the reason Why this authentication is failing?

  • A. AWS uses non-standard SSH port1025, and the default AWS security groups and NACL for FortiGate are not configured for the port.
  • B. The default AWS Security group for FortiGate does not allow SSH.
  • C. The default AWS network access list for FortiGate does not allow SSH.
  • D. The AWS key is required to log in to FortiGate using SSH

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator wants to update the database package from
the Internet to a database server configured with IP address
Which statement is correct about traffic from server IP address to the internet. based on the diagrarm?

  • A. Traffic from server to the internet will hide
    behind elastic IP
  • B. Traffic from server to the internet will hide
    behind elastic IP 198.51.100 2.
  • C. Traffic from server to the internet will hide
    behind elastic IP
  • D. Traffic from server10.0.1.7 to the internet will hide
    behind elastic IP

Answer: D


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