I suppose the idea here would be Madden 20 coins to prevent people from purchasing the Xbox One variant like a year from now when it cheaper and upgrading it? A year from now, EA is going to be mentioning Madden 22, so the value of the soon is most likely going to be. Hardly even a year, I saw 2K20 and Madden 20 equally $26 online at Target by friday year, even bought the latter and 2k20 is online game pass. These Madden NFL go cheap fast. These constraints considering their business model is predicated on MTX surprised me.

Rockstar won't have a game out soon enough for this. Activision might play ball based on COD launch date - if COD starts prior to the consoles they're going to want to hurt their launch weekend by people waiting to buy it on next gen, so they'll push it back to start together with the consoles or possess some sort of cross purchase. I am more worried about Atlus (assuming PlayStation does the exact same feature) because they are always a bit stubborn and backwards, 2K, and Bethesda. Bethesda has their sci-fi RPG round the corner and they always find some way to disappoint.

I play a good deal of strategy Madden NFL and 2K is the worst in regards to strategy sport DLC. When it comes to utilizing DLC for multiplayer everybody in the lobby should have. Compare this to Total War Warhammer (from Sega) where anyone can use the DLC they own and also the AI owns all of the DLC. Or recent Paradox Madden NFL where everybody can utilize the DLC possessed by the host if they have it or not (with a few exceptions for makeup and songs ). And XCOM and Civ DLC is fairly expensive also. And that is just for approach Madden NFL, if you think I am being tough go have a look Madden NFL. I would be amazed if 2K supports delivery that was smart.

Idk I understand the meta is to despise EA, But this sounds like a totally reasonable compromise between"people should have the ability to upgrade" and"we don't wish to allow people to update so that they don't buy madden 21 in 2023 for 4$ xb1 and update it into the xsx version". Just like Madden 21 is gonna be worth shit in 2023. This is a sports game, it gets obsolete after release. I'm pretty sure that. A lot of people liked the concept and Mut 20 coins for sale enjoyed Madden NFL 21, but no other variations were created, so if you would like to play it, you need to find that version. That brings it a scarcity that increases its worth above a string like Madden.