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To successfully pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate their ability to identify customer needs and match them with the appropriate HP Workstation solution. They must also be able to effectively communicate the benefits of HP Workstations in comparison to other computing options on the market. The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, and candidates are given 60 minutes to complete it. Passing the HP2-I44 exam is a prerequisite for obtaining the HP Sales Certified – Workstations 2022 certification, which demonstrates a candidate's expertise in selling HP Workstations to customers.

The HP HP2-I44 exam is an important step towards becoming a successful sales representative in the IT industry. This exam tests the candidate's knowledge and skills in selling HP workstations and is a must-have for anyone who wishes to advance their career in this field. The certification obtained from passing this exam will demonstrate to potential employers that the candidate has the necessary skills to sell HP workstations effectively and will open up new opportunities for the candidate.

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The HP2-I44 exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions that cover various topics related to selling HP workstations. The topics covered in the exam include product knowledge, customer needs analysis, competitive positioning, and objection handling. The exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge and understanding of these topics and their ability to apply them in real-world situations.

HP Selling HP Workstations 2022 Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

Which statements correctly describe the Universal Scene Description (USD) of Omniverse? (Select two.)

  • A. USD rs now becoming the standard in medical imaging in healthcare and live video in broadcasting.
  • B. This open-source 3D scene description and file framework was developed as a way to simplify content creation pipelines and the interchange of assets between different industry software tools.
  • C. Pixar's USD is the foundation for Nvidia Omniverse. It is like the "HTML" of 3D worlds.
  • D. Using USD, Omniverse can eliminate import/export among different applications, enabling serial workflow.

Answer: A,D

Since pre-COVID-19, what is the increase inusage of technology, such as VR,in training?

  • A. 20%
  • B. 15%
  • C. 35%
  • D. 55%

Answer: C

What are the main components of the HP Omnicept solution? (Select three.)

  • A. Programs for ISV XR Application partners
  • B. Debian Linux
  • C. HP Omnicept SDK
  • D. UbuntuOS
  • E. HP Reverb G2 Omnicept edition headset

Answer: B,D,E

Which statements correctly describe the ZBook G9 ecosystem? (Select three.)

  • A. Zbook Fury can support Intel AlderLake CPU up to 16 (8 performance + 8 efficient) cores.
  • B. Tile M.2 module enables you to keep track of your ZBook when misplaced.
  • C. Nvidia GeForce cards are certified for 100+ ISV applications.
  • D. Nvidia RTX Laptop GPUs offer enterprise-level reliability, security, and extended product availability.
  • E. Both Zbook Studio and Fury support Nvidia RTX laptop GPUs,up to ASx00 (16GB)

Answer: A,C,E

What is the most significant benefit of the new Intel K series processors in 12 G9?

  • A. They are more powerful than same generation non-K CPUs, supporting higher clock speeds.
  • B. They are supported on the Z2 SFF G9 only (Z2 Mini G9 supports Xeon CPUs).
  • C. They split the cores into performance and efficiency.
  • D. They are cheaper and faster than same generation non-K CPUs.

Answer: A


Valid HP2-I44 Exam Review: