Traveling with your preferred seat can make your trip comfortable and memorable. But fetching your favorite seats on a flight is a tricky task. Spirit Airlines has made this task easy for the passengers to ensure their convenience.

Picking up a preferred seat with Spirit Airlines is an easy task and can be done in many ways. You can pick your seats at the time of booking a reservation with Spirit Airlines. If you have not selected your seats at the time of booking, you can select them during the online check-in. The seat selection can either be done online or by contacting Spirit airlines customer service. But what happens when a passenger does not pick up a seat on Spirit flight? To get the answer to this question, you may read ahead.

What happens when a passenger does not select a seat on a Spirit flight?

If a passenger forgets to pick a seat on Spirit Airlines, he/she will be assigned a seat automatically by the airline. If the airline assigns a seat, the passengers might have to face some inconvenience. The passengers might not get a seat with their travel companions also. That is the reason why seat selection on a Spirit Airlines flight is important.

Important Guidelines on Spirit seat selection

  • The best time to select a seat on a Spirit flight is at the time of making a reservation. At that time, you won’t be facing any seat availability-related problems and get a preferred place.

  • Seat selection at the time of online check-in can also help you seek your preferred place to travel on Spirit Airlines.

  • You can also select your seat at the airport. But for this, you need to reach the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

To make your seat selection, you can either visit the official website of Spirit Airlines or call on the Spirit customer service phone number. To fetch more details, you can speak to a customer service agent at Spirit Airlines.