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Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Sample Questions (Q48-Q53):

You work for a global footwear retailer and need to predict when an item will be out of stock based on historical inventory dat a. Customer behavior is highly dynamic since footwear demand is influenced by many different factors. You want to serve models that are trained on all available data, but track your performance on specific subsets of data before pushing to production. What is the most streamlined and reliable way to perform this validation?

  • A. Use k-fold cross-validation as a validation strategy to ensure that your model is ready for production.
  • B. Use the TFX ModelValidator tools to specify performance metrics for production readiness
  • C. Use the entire dataset and treat the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC ROC) as the main metric.
  • D. Use the last relevant week of data as a validation set to ensure that your model is performing accurately on current data

Answer: B


You work at a subscription-based company. You have trained an ensemble of trees and neural networks to predict customer churn, which is the likelihood that customers will not renew their yearly subscription. The average prediction is a 15% churn rate, but for a particular customer the model predicts that they are 70% likely to churn. The customer has a product usage history of 30%, is located in New York City, and became a customer in 1997. You need to explain the difference between the actual prediction, a 70% churn rate, and the average prediction. You want to use Vertex Explainable AI. What should you do?

  • A. Configure sampled Shapley explanations on Vertex Explainable AI.
  • B. Train local surrogate models to explain individual predictions.
  • C. Configure integrated gradients explanations on Vertex Explainable AI.
  • D. Measure the effect of each feature as the weight of the feature multiplied by the feature value.

Answer: B

You work on a growing team of more than 50 data scientists who all use AI Platform. You are designing a strategy to organize your jobs, models, and versions in a clean and scalable way. Which strategy should you choose?

  • A. Separate each data scientist's work into a different project to ensure that the jobs, models, and versions created by each data scientist are accessible only to that user.
  • B. Set up restrictive IAM permissions on the AI Platform notebooks so that only a single user or group can access a given instance.
  • C. Use labels to organize resources into descriptive categories. Apply a label to each created resource so that users can filter the results by label when viewing or monitoring the resources.
  • D. Set up a BigQuery sink for Cloud Logging logs that is appropriately filtered to capture information about AI Platform resource usage. In BigQuery, create a SQL view that maps users to the resources they are using

Answer: C

https://cloud.google.com/ai-platform/prediction/docs/resource-labels#overview_of_labels You can add labels to your AI Platform Prediction jobs, models, and model versions, then use those labels to organize resources into categories when viewing or monitoring the resources.

Your team is working on an NLP research project to predict political affiliation of authors based on articles they have written. You have a large training dataset that is structured like this:





  • A. Option A
  • B. Option D
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option C

Answer: B

You want to rebuild your ML pipeline for structured data on Google Cloud. You are using PySpark to conduct data transformations at scale, but your pipelines are taking over 12 hours to run. To speed up development and pipeline run time, you want to use a serverless tool and SQL syntax. You have already moved your raw data into Cloud Storage. How should you build the pipeline on Google Cloud while meeting the speed and processing requirements?

  • A. Ingest your data into Cloud SQL convert your PySpark commands into SQL queries to transform the data, and then use federated queries from BigQuery for machine learning
  • B. Ingest your data into BigQuery using BigQuery Load, convert your PySpark commands into BigQuery SQL queries to transform the data, and then write the transformations to a new table
  • C. Convert your PySpark into SparkSQL queries to transform the data and then run your pipeline on Dataproc to write the data into BigQuery.
  • D. Use Data Fusion's GUI to build the transformation pipelines, and then write the data into BigQuery

Answer: B

Google has bought this software and support for this tool is not good. SQL can work in Cloud fusion pipelines too but I would prefer to use a single tool like Bigquery to both transform and store data.


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