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The exam is divided into two parts: the first part comprises of 40 multiple-choice questions that test the candidate's knowledge of agile testing and the second part is a practical exam that evaluates the candidate's ability to apply agile testing techniques to real-life scenarios. The exam is challenging and requires candidates to have in-depth knowledge of agile testing principles and practices. However, the certification is highly valued by employers and can open up new career opportunities for certified professionals.

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ISQI ISTQB Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester Sample Questions (Q34-Q39):

What is the primary purpose of the debriefing meeting when exploratory testing is used in an Agile setting?

  • A. To define the charier for the test
  • B. To provide a status of the progress and coverage of the session
  • C. To review the actions of the tester and determine if there were any errors made during the testing
  • D. To identify defects

Answer: B

Which of the following is an expected problem that often occurs with automation test suites?

  • A. The time it takes to create new tests increases exponentially as new features are added to the code
  • B. The test suite continues to grow making source control difficult to manage
  • C. The test execution time becomes longer making it difficult to get all the tests run as often as desired
  • D. The defects become prohibitive when trying to execute the suite

Answer: C

You have to review the following user story that will be developed and tested during the next Sprint:
As a potential conference attendee, I want to be able to register for the conference online, so that registration is simple and paperless.
The following acceptance criteria are also mentioned:
i) Payment can be made via PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards
ii) An acknowledgement email is sent to the attendee after submitting the form iii) Protection against spam is working as expected iv) Information from the form is stored in the registrations database v) All incorrect user inputs are flagged by the system Which of the following correctly shows which acceptance criteria are testable?

  • A. ii, iv, v are testable
  • B. i, ii, iv are testable
  • C. iii, iv, v are testable
  • D. i, iii, v are testable

Answer: B

Which of the following correctly describes positive characteristic of unit tests?

  • A. Unit test can be derived from the given epics and existing code of the test object
  • B. While refactoring, the redesign of the unit test to adapt to the changed code is crucial
  • C. Unit tests should be independent from system components other than the one to be tested
  • D. A unit test should be written against large and complex code structures to get fast and feedback of the code quality

Answer: C

An increased proportion of automated test coverage often leads to a greater degree of manual testing that follows reactive strategies, because:

  • A. Many of the tests that can be prepared upfront, will be automated which enables the testers to spend more time for execution of manual tests
  • B. An increase of the proportion of automated test increases test coverage, and the uncovered areas are to be tested reactively
  • C. If the proportion of automated tests increases, manual tests focus on the riskiest areas which are identified reactively
  • D. Reactive strategies consider the current context and status of the project and the system under test. To be able to adopt to this status most flexible a greater degree of manual testing is necessary

Answer: A


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