International schools are designed to serve students from a different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. They are mostly for the families who may be living temporarily or permanently in a foreign country, as well as to local families who seek an education that offers an international perspective. Who also want their children to learn modern technique of education and which will help them in their future. Best International School in Bangalore is one of the best schools in today’s time as the education learning is broadly based on the practical and hands on learning. Live projects learning and social services, which makes the school unique and different from other schools.


International schools often offer a curriculum that is recognized globally, such as the international Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is globally recognized. They also have diverse student body and faculty, major offer extracurricular activities that promote cultural awareness and understanding.


Some families choose to send their children to international schools in order to provide them with an education that will prepare them for a globalized world, while others may seek out international schools for their high academic standards, specialized programs, or unique learning opportunities.


International schools use not only international curricula, but also assessment systems which is used in other countries. They are usually more motivating and less stress on the children. There are many advantages of grading system such as:


  1. a)   Global recognition: The grading system used by international schools is recognized globally, which means that students can easily transfer from one country to other country without any problem and worry about the differences in grading system. Grading is mainly focus on the international standards.


  1. b)   Broder objective: The grading system used by international schools is often based on clear and objective criteria, such as knowledge and skills based, rather than subject factors like behavior or attendance. This helps to understand that grades are based on academic performance rather than any other factors.


  1. c)   Clear and detail: The grading system used by international schools is often transparent, with clear and detailed explanations of grading criteria and procedures provided to both students and parents. This will help them to understand how grades are determined and given on the basis of what and how. Having a transparency will help any schools to judge the student’s performance and their activities.


  1. d)   Consistency: The grading system used by the Best International School in Bangalore is often measured as their consistency and standards, which make sure that grading is consistent across all the subjects. This will help to eliminate any biases that may exist in traditional grading systems.


  1. e)   Higher education: Many international schools use a grading system that is similar to those used by universities and collages around the world. This will help the student to prepare for higher education and makes it easier for them to switch to the university-level coursework.


Overall, the Best International School in Bangalore grading system provides a number of advantages that help to ensure a fair, objective, and transparent rating of student performance.

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