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The Salesforce CDP Exam comprises of 60 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed within 105 minutes. The exam is available in English, Japanese, and Portuguese, and candidates can take it online or in-person at a designated test center. To pass the exam, candidates need to score 63% or higher. Salesforce offers various resources and training materials, including online courses, study guides, and practice exams, to help candidates prepare for the certification. By earning the Salesforce CDP certification, professionals can showcase their expertise in the rapidly growing field of customer data management and create new opportunities for career advancement.

Salesforce Customer Data Platform Sample Questions (Q146-Q151):

A purchase order number is specified as text field typE. What value will segmenting on Purchase order number | is equal to | 0122 return?

  • A. Purchase order number 0122
  • B. Purchase order number 0122 and 122
  • C. Purchase order number NULL
  • D. Purchase order number 122

Answer: A

Which two features are impacted by the Time zone setting in CDP instance? [Corrected]

  • A. Ingestion Schedule
  • B. Activation Schedule
  • C. Segmentation schedule
  • D. Identity Resolution publish schedule

Answer: B,C

What are the two steps of data setup process in Salesforce CDP?

  • A. Map ingested data to existing ingested data objects
  • B. Establish a connection with the source data via Rest API
  • C. Map ingested data to the Data Model
  • D. Preserve data with ingestion to data lake

Answer: C,D

What programming language is used to configure Calculate Insights?

  • A. SOQL
  • C. Python
  • D. DCL

Answer: B

What feature is used in Segmentation to create relationships between the Related attributes?(Choose one)

  • A. Containers
  • B. Database Expression Operators
  • C. Streaming Insights
  • D. Attribute Library

Answer: B


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