Today the most trending talk is about the cost of surrogacy in Patna | Guaranteed surrogacy with donor egg. Every Couple from India can avail of the Guaranteed surrogacy program starts from Rs 12lakhs and Rs 15lakhs. These costs include fees to the agency and the gestational carrier, lawyer, social worker, and legal and/or medical costs. It also depends on the success rates, and Surrogacy Clinic location, IVF Drugs, Consultations, IVF Lab. Gestational surrogacy has been proven to be more effective than other surrogacy options. Surrogacy would be incomplete without the IVF technique. In gestational surrogacy, eggs are taken from the partners. Surrogate Can Make Your Family Dreams Come True. Surrogacy Services using donor egg or partner sperm can be referred to as Guaranteed Egg Donor Surrogacy Services.