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ISQI CTFL_Syll2018 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Apply equivalence partitioning to derive test cases from given requirements
  • Identify typical objectives of testing
Topic 2
  • Give examples of potential entry and exit criteria
  • Describe the role of impact analysis in maintenance testing
Topic 3
  • Recall characteristics of good testing that are applicable to any life cycle model
  • Explain how to derive test cases from a use cases
Topic 4
  • Recognize that functional, non-functional and white-box tests occur at any test level
  • Identify the psychological factors that influence the success of testing
Topic 5
  • Recognize the different roles and responsibilities in a formal review
  • Identify the tasks of a test manager and tester

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ISQI ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (Syllabus 2018) Sample Questions (Q112-Q117):

Which of the test cases below will exercise both outcomes from decision 2? [K3]
Refer to the exhibit

  • A. P = 36, Q = 36, P=37, Q=35
  • B. P = 42, Q = 43, P=42, Q=42
  • C. P = 24, Q = 20, P=24, Q=25
  • D. P = 37, Q = 36, P=35, Q=36

Answer: A

Which of the following are correct tasks during "Test analysis and design"?
I. Designing and prioritizing test cases
II Identifying any required infrastructure and tools
III. Reviewing the test basis
IV Creating test data and preparing test harnesses
V. Writing automated test scripts

  • A. I, ll
  • B. I, II. Ill
  • C. II, III, IV, V
  • D. l, III IV

Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT a deciding factor in determining the extent of testing required?

  • A. Level of risk of the product or features
  • B. Time available to do testing
  • C. Budget to do testing
  • D. A particular tester involved in testing

Answer: C

What is the difference between system integration testing and acceptance testing?

  • A. System integration testing verifies that a system interfaces correctly with other systems. Acceptance
    testing verifies compliance to requirements
  • B. System integration testing is executed by the developers. Acceptance testing is done by the customer
  • C. System integration testing verifies compliance to requirements Acceptance testing verifies correct
    interaction with other systems existing in the user's environment
  • D. System integration testing is testing non-functional requirements Acceptance testing concentrates on the
    functionality of the system

Answer: B

Consider the following pseudo code:
1. Begin
2. Input X, Y
3. If X > Y
4. __Print (X, 'is greater than', Y)
5. Else
6. __Print (Y, is greater than or equal to', X)
7. EndIf
8. End
What is the minimum number of test cases required to guarantee both 100% statement coverage and 100% decision coverage?

  • A. Statement coverage = 1, Decision coverage = 2
  • B. Statement coverage = 2, Decision coverage = 1
  • C. Statement coverage = 2, Decision coverage = 2
  • D. Statement coverage = 3, Decision coverage = 3

Answer: C


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