Fly fishing has a new stage of fly fishing, you have to bring many tools and accessories when necessary, which will help you from the beginning. The new stage company opened in 1985. This is a fly fishing equipment supplier located in southeastern Idaho, which is the best place to fish for trout.

The company has more than 400 independent flight shops. They provide customized pad printing logos on all products. The goal of the new stage company is to provide valuable products for beginners and end users to provide a better fly fishing experience.

Before your first fly fishing, what equipment did you buy? How to start? Does fly fishing only need a rod? Let's see what we can do from the beginning.

Fly rod

The fly rod should be the first thing you need. For a new fly fishing, there is no need to prepare too expensive rods. You need a qualified stick, not a higher price.

No one likes a fragile fishing rod when you want to catch fish. The price of $50 to $80 sounds good. Or you can find the best seller in the new stage of fly fishing.

Fly line

After choosing the fishing rod, the fishing line came in second. Its weight ranges from 1 to 15, with 1 being the lightest and 15 the heaviest. The light thread throws light flies, and the heavy thread throws heavy flies. If you are fishing in a small river or lake, 3 will suit your fishing rod. Practice makes perfect, you can change the line after fishing many times. If you don't put them in the right place, the lines will always make a mess. The Pack Max box made by the new stage fly fishing can perfectly solve this problem.


Hooks are very common equipment in fly fishing, and you can find many types of hooks in the nearest fly fishing store. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials. You need to know that number 1 is bigger than number 5. In contrast, the 1/0 hook is actually smaller than 7/0. 0 means anything. Hooks are always small and pointed, so you need a fly fishing box to put them in. The new phase has many very professional ultra-thin boxes, you can choose one to place the hook.

Fly fishing float

It's easy to choose online. The float is made of foam. Don't pay too much attention to the floating ball, it is not very important.

Bait and lure

We use primitive bait, which we can find in nature from the very beginning. Raw bait includes organisms that live in or in water, such as carps, bugs, insects, crayfish, earthworms, leeches, and frogs.

In some parts of the United States, the use of raw bait is prohibited when fishing. So some Americans turned to bait. But for beginners or novices, it is better to use raw bait instead of bait.

To be honest, earthworms are the most commonly used bait for anglers because they are easy to hang on hooks and are cheap. It is easy to find bait shops near public fishing waters.

Then you can start your first fishing. The key to fly fishing is patience. You must hold your breath, keep your eyes on the surface of the water, and float under the water. Don't deceive yourself, let yourself think that your fly is a real floating earthworm. Every time you throw 28 feet, your flight will become two or three natural drifts, which is a bit like a 15-foot natural drift. Don't think you fooled the trout, take a nap. Otherwise you will lose the fun of fishing.

Take care of all the equipment you use and practice more until you master the trick of fly fishing. Good luck while practicing these skills, so you can do better and more. They will help you catch more fish. To learn more about the new stage of fly fishing equipment, throwing fishing, supplement fishing, fishing more trout, try to learn for a long time and communicate with more veterans.