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Salesforce IPQ-435 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Determine the Difference Between Products, Product Bundles, and Promotions
  • Set Product Attribute Metadata and Override Attribute Defaults
Topic 2
  • Create Product Bundles and Define Product Cardinality
  • Understand the Industries CME Data Model
Topic 3
  • Customize a Guided LWC Interaction for Purchasing Products
  • Manage the Shared Catalog’s Platform Cache
Topic 4
  • Learn About CpqAppHandler Service, Its Methods, and Cart-Based APIs
  • Explore Communications, Media, and Energy and Utilities Clouds and Industries CPQ
Topic 5
  • Configure Advanced Pricing Strategies such as Attribute-Based Pricing and Usage Pricing
  • Create Orders with Non-Assetizable Products
Topic 6
  • Explore Industries Digital Commerce LWC, SDK, and Cacheable APIs
  • Identify the Best Type of Pricing Adjustment Given a Scenario
Topic 7
  • Create Advanced Rules to Auto-Add Products to the Cart
  • Configure One-Time and Recurring Prices

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The Salesforce IPQ-435 exam covers a wide range of topics related to building CPQ solutions for industries using Salesforce. The exam tests the candidate's understanding of the Salesforce platform, CPQ architecture, and customization of CPQ solutions for different industries. The topics covered in the exam include Salesforce CPQ data model, pricing and discounting, product configuration, quoting process, and integration with other Salesforce products.

Salesforce Build CPQ Solutions for Industries Sample Questions (Q293-Q298):

Which of these is a method for pricing bundles?

  • A. Change the display text of a price list entry to show the starting price.
  • B. Price the child products as zero and assign a flat rate to the parent product.
  • C. Use multiple price lists to assign more than one price to a product.

Answer: B

When you assign a time plan to a child product in a promotion, what does the time plan affect?
Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

  • A. Which customers are eligible for the child product
  • B. How long the price of the child product is changed by the promotion
  • C. When the entire promotion expires
  • D. When the time plan begins for the child product

Answer: B

In which sequence do rules execute to ensure a perfect order in the Cart?

  • A. Context Rules Framework, Advanced Rules Framework.
  • B. Context Rules Framework, Compatibility Rules Framework, Advanced Rules Framework.
  • C. Eligibility Rules, Context Rules, Advanced Rules
  • D. Advanced Rules Framework, Context Rules Framework, Compatibility Rules

Answer: A

If a product varies in price depending on how it is configured, how can a developer inform the user that the pricing will vary?

  • A. Make all child products optional
  • B. Change the display text of the price list entry
  • C. Add a description to the price list entry
  • D. Adjust the price of the parent product

Answer: B

A pickiist name is used only at design-time and not at run-time (so it's not visible to customers)

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A


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