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The Amazon DVA-C01 (AWS Certified Developer Associate) Exam is a certification exam that is designed for individuals who want to become certified developers on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. This exam is intended for professionals who have at least one year of experience in developing and maintaining applications on AWS. The DVA-C01 exam is one of the most popular AWS certification exams, and passing it demonstrates to employers and clients that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications on AWS.

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The DVA-C01 exam covers a range of AWS services and concepts, including AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation. Additionally, the exam tests your knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and JavaScript, as well as your ability to write and deploy code on the AWS platform.

Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q262-Q267):

A developer is using Amazon S3 as the event source that invokes a Lambda function when new objects are created in the bucket The event source mapping Information Is stored in the bucket notification configuration The developer is working with different versions of the Lambda function, and has a constant need to update notification configuration so that Amazon S3 invokes the correct version What is the MOST efficient and effective way to achieve mapping Between the S3 event and Lambda?

  • A. Use Lambda tags.
  • B. Use a different Lambda trigger
  • C. Use a Lambda alias
  • D. Use Lambda environment variables

Answer: B

An application displays a status dashboard. The status is updated by 1 KB messages from an SQS queue. Although the status changes infrequently, the Developer must minimize the time between the message arrival in the queue and the dashboard update.
What technique provides the shortest delay in updating the dashboard?

  • A. Reduce the size of each message payload by sending it in two parts.
  • B. Retrieve the messages from the queue using long polling every 20 seconds.
  • C. Reduce the size of the messages by compressing them before sending.
  • D. Retrieve the messages from the queue using short polling every 10 seconds.

Answer: B


A Developer is asked to implement a caching layer in front of Amazon RDS. Cached content is expensive to regenerate in case of service failure. Which implementation below would work while maintaining maximum uptime?

  • A. Migrate the database to Amazon Redshift.
  • B. Implement Amazon ElastiCache Memcached.
  • C. Install Redis on an Amazon EC2 instance.
  • D. Implement Amazon ElastiCache Redis in Cluster Mode

Answer: D

A developer must allow guest users without logins to access an Amazon Cognito-enabled site to view files stored within an Amazon S3 bucket How should the developer meet these requirements'?

  • A. Create a new user pool disable authentication access, and grant access to AWS resources
  • B. Create a new user pool, enable access to unauthenticated identities, and grant access to AWS resources.
  • C. Create a new identity pool, enable access to unauthenticated identities and grant access to AWS resources
  • D. Create a blank user ID in a user pool, add to the user group, and grant access to AWS resources

Answer: B

The Lambda function below is being called through an API using Amazon API Gateway. The average execution time for the Lambda function is about 1 second. The pseudocode for the Lambda function is as shown in the exhibit.

What two actions can be taken to improve the performance of this Lambda function without increasing the cost of the solution? (Select two.)

  • A. Package only the modules the Lambda function requires
  • B. Use Amazon DynamoDB instead of Amazon RDS
  • C. Implement local caching of Amazon RDS data so Lambda can re-use the cache
  • D. Move the initialization of the variable Amazon RDS connection outside of the handler function
  • E. Implement custom database connection pooling with the Lambda function

Answer: A,C


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