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Complete Guide to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Test

All in all, the Amazon CLF-C01 test costs $100 and comprises both multiple-choice and multiple-response items to be accomplished in 90 minutes. In multiple-choices, you will have four options for each question, where you will have to select only one correct answer. When it comes to multiple response tasks, there will be five or more options. And you will have to choose two or more alternatives as the correct ones. To know more, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. However, for every unattended question, you will lose marks. Also, the final exam is going to be conducted in five different languages such as English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. The below mentioned are four domains that are the core syllabus of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Each section holds its percentage weightage in the main test:

  • Billing as well as Pricing (16%).
  • Security & Compliance (25%);
  • Cloud Concepts (26%);
  • Technology (33%);

Once the candidates have honed their skills to sit for CLF-C01, they can take it either in a testing center or as a monitored online exam. The minimum passing score in this exam is 700 points out of 1000.

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Interactive AWS-Certified-Cloud-Practitioner Questions | Best AWS-Certified-Cloud-Practitioner Vce

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Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test Questions, Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Practice Test Questions

The Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is designed for those professionals who want to demonstrate their fundamental knowledge of the AWS platform, including AWS Cloud architectural principles at the conceptual level; available services, and standard use cases; compliance; and account security. The candidates for the certificate must also be familiar with AWS Cloud economics, which covers analysis, costs, and billing, as well as the value proposition of AWS Cloud.

Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Questions (Q137-Q142):

Which AWS service is a highly available and scalable DNS web service?

  • A. Amazon VPC
  • B. Amazon Route 53
  • C. Amazon Connect
  • D. Amazon CloudFront

Answer: B

Which AWS service does AWS Snowball Edge natively support?

  • A. Amazon EC2
  • B. AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS)
  • C. AWS Trusted Advisor
  • D. Amazon Aurora

Answer: C

A company launched an Amazon EC2 instance with the latest Amazon Linux 2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Which actions can a system administrator take to connect to the EC2 instance? (Select TWO.)

  • A. Use Amazon Connect.
  • B. Use Amazon EC2 Instance Connect.
  • C. Use a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection.
  • D. Use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager.
  • E. Use AWS Batch.

Answer: B,D

Which of the following are benefits of AWS Global Accelerator? (SelectTWO)

  • A. Higher durability of data stored on AWS
  • B. Improved availability of applications deployed on AWS
  • C. Decreased latency to reach applications deployed on AWS
  • D. Higher security of data stored on AWS
  • E. Reduced cost to run services on AWS

Answer: B,C

Where should users report that AWS resources are being used for malicious purposes?

  • A. AWS Developer Forums
  • B. AWS Abuse team
  • C. AWS Support
  • D. AWS Shield

Answer: B



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