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The Salesforce Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Exam is a certification exam designed for professionals looking to validate their expertise in using Salesforce's Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery tools. This exam is intended for individuals who have experience in configuring and implementing Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery solutions for businesses. The exam tests candidates' knowledge of data analysis, data modeling, and data visualization techniques to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

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To pass the Salesforce Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Exam, candidates must have a deep understanding of data analysis and visualization concepts, as well as expertise in using Salesforce's Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery tools. The exam covers a range of topics, including data preparation, data analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization. Candidates will be tested on their ability to use these tools to help businesses identify trends, patterns, and insights from their data.

Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant Sample Questions (Q101-Q106):

A client has a dashboard for Sales Managers. They want to have a list filter that shows the name of the month. However, based on the "CloseDate_Month" field, the list filter shows numbers instead of names.
How can an Einstein Consultant use the Dataflow nodes to generate the name of month as a new dimension in the dataset?

  • A. append
  • B. compute Relative
  • C. flatten
  • D. compute Expression

Answer: D

Why is it important to prepare the data in a CSV file before you bring it into Analytics?

  • A. To add currency symbols to numeric fields
  • B. To remove column headers
  • C. To make sure Analytics can set the field type correctly
  • D. To make sure the content is interesting

Answer: C

What kind of insight is "What Is The Difference"?

  • A. Descriptive
  • B. Selective
  • C. Prescriptive
  • D. Diagnostic
  • E. Predictive

Answer: D


A consultant built an Einstein Analytics app for the Sales Operations team. The Sales Operations team wants to share their app with other people at the company. The consultant recommends distributing the app as an Einstein Analytics template app.
What can the consultant do to give the Sales team more choices and options with future apps that are generated from the Sales Operations app'

  • A. Update contents in the Sales Operations app and create new template versions of the app.
  • B. Create a configuration wizard for the app.
  • C. Update contents in the Sales Operations app and changes will be pushed down to its generated apps.
  • D. Ensure the Sales team has the necessary permissions to customize their apps.

Answer: B


An Einstein Discovery team created a model to maximize the margin of their sales opportunities. They want to deploy the model to the Opportunity object in order to predict the outcome of every newly created or updated Opportunity.
What are the steps to accomplish this?

  • A. Create a trigger on Opportunity and install the Einstein Discovery Writeback managed package from the AppExchange.
  • B. Create a trigger on Opportunity and use the Salesforce External Connector to get predictions from Einstein Discovery.
  • C. Create a trigger on Opportunity and use the REST API to get predictions from Einstein Discovery.
  • D. Create an Apex batch on Opportunity and use the REST API to get predictions from Einstein Discovery.

Answer: A



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