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Benefits in Obtaining Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Certification

With the introduction of the Lightning Experience by Salesforce, it is possible to develop cool, looking applications for a wide range of tasks. Admins have been able to create beautiful pages for their objects more than ever, with an interface entirely tailored for each user.For developers, the same application has never before been possible for Salesforce developers to create applications that stretch well beyond Salesforce's declarative features. It's all achieved with the use of a JavaScript application for Lightning & Lightning Web components.

The certification for JavaScript Developer I has just been released and fills a large gap in the certification list for Salesforce. Salesforce Developers who want to prove their Lightning skills, but also new entrants into the Salesforce community, are certified to demonstrate that they know what is relevant. A typical Salesforce 60 multi-choice test is split into two parts and is influenced by a super badge (Similar to Developer II certification).

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How much Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Exam Cost

The price of the Salesforce JavaScript Developer I certification is $200 USD, for more information related to the Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Exam please visit Salesforce website.

Topics of Salesforce JavaScript Developer I Exam

Aspirants must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. Because it will help them to prepare for the below conceptsSalesforce JavaScript-Developer-I exam will include the following topics:

1. Variable, Types, and Collection: 23%

Scenario based codingVariables Creation and InitializationJSON object understanding

2. Object, Functions, and Classes: 25%

Implementation of different functionsUnderstanding of different modules of JavascriptScope of variables and their execution flow

3. Browser and Events: 17%

Handling and propagation of eventsDevelopment tools of browsersUnderstanding of browser specific APIs

4. Asynchronous Programming: 13%

Asynchrounous programming different conceptsMonitoring and management of different loops

5. Server Side Javascript: 8%

Implementation of Node.jsUnderstanding of Node.js CLI commands

6. Testing: 7%

Unit Testingeffectiveness of different tests

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam Sample Questions (Q49-Q54):

Teams at Universal Containers (CU) work on multiple JavaScript projects at the same time. UC us thinking about reusability and how each team can benefit from the work of others.
Going open-source or public is not an option at this time.
Which option is available to UC with npm?

  • A. Private register are not supported by npm, but packages can be installed via git.
  • B. Private registries are not supported by spm, but packages can be installed vis URL.
  • C. Private packages can be scoped, and scopes can be associated to a private registries.
  • D. Private packages are not supported, but they can use another package manager like yarm.

Answer: D

Refer to the following array:
Let arr1 = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
Which two lines of codes result in a second array, arr2, being created such that arr2 is not a reference to arr1? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Let arr2 = Array. From (arr1) ;
  • B. Let arr2 = arr1 .slice (0, 5);
  • C. Let arr2 = arr1 sort ();
  • D. Let arr2 = arr1;

Answer: C,D

Refer to the code below:
What is the output after the code executes?

  • A. ReferenceError: eyeColor is not defined
  • B. Developer
  • C. undefined
  • D. ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable ''Person''

Answer: C

Refer to the following object.

How can a developer access the fullName property for dog?

  • A. Dog, function, fullName
  • B. Dog, get, fullName
  • C. Dog.fullName
  • D. Dog.fullName ( )

Answer: C

Given the code below:

Which method can be used to provide a visual representation of the list of users and to allow sorting by the name or email attribute?

  • A. console.table(usersList) ;
  • B. console.info(usersList) ;
  • C. console.group(usersList) ;
  • D. console.groupCol lapsed (usersList) ;

Answer: C


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