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Salesforce MKT-101 is an exam designed to test the knowledge and skills of individuals who want to build and analyze customer journeys using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including email marketing, mobile messaging, social media advertising, data management, and analytics. It is an excellent opportunity for marketing professionals to showcase their expertise in the field and demonstrate their ability to leverage the power of Marketing Cloud to drive business growth and customer engagement.

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Upon passing the exam, candidates will earn the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification, which demonstrates their proficiency in using Marketing Cloud to build and analyze customer journeys. This certification is highly valued in the marketing industry and can help individuals advance their careers and unlock new job opportunities. Overall, the MKT-101 exam is an excellent way for marketing professionals to validate their skills, enhance their knowledge of Marketing Cloud, and showcase their ability to drive business results through effective marketing campaigns.

To prepare for the MKT-101 exam, candidates must have a strong understanding of the Marketing Cloud platform's features, functionalities, and best practices. The exam assesses their ability to design, implement, and measure marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, mobile, social media, and web. Candidates must also be familiar with customer journey mapping, segmentation, personalization, and automation, as these are essential elements of the Marketing Cloud platform.

Salesforce Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud Sample Questions (Q85-Q90):

A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns. The customer has indicated the following:
* Emails will be built using a custom dynamic template for these messages.
* Links will vary over time and across campaigns.
* Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers' regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.
* Retargeting messages will dynamically populate content based on regional market.
In order for this solution to be viable, which skill set does the customer team need to possess?

  • A. SQL
  • B. AMPscript
  • C. SSJS
  • D. HTML

Answer: B

A customer is connecting Sales Cloud with Marketing Cloud. The connection was successful, however, the team is unable to view or sync Sales Cloud objects in Contact Builder.
How should a consultant begin troubleshooting the connection?

  • A. Create new Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud users and perform a new installation.
  • B. Validate Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud users have access to the business unit.
  • C. Validate Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud permissions for the connecting users.
  • D. Create and send an email in Email Studio to test the connection and validate tracking.

Answer: C

How do you use data designer to link the web analytics data to your subscriber data?

  • A. Use a marketing cloud data extension

Answer: A

A publishing company has presented the following:
* A need to send renewal reminders to customers whose subscriptions expire in 15 days and 7 days.
* A campaign needs to be created and managed by a general marketing user who will not have administrative rights and who is not technical.
* The customer's expiration date is included in the data file.
What component should the customer's solution include?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Automation Studio
  • B. Triggered Send
  • C. Suppression list
  • D. Template-based emails
  • E. Data Filter

Answer: A,D,E

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send an email to website visitors who add items to their cart but fail to make a purchase. The email will include a list of products they added to their shopping cart.
* A sendable data extension contains the contact information and a session ID field for each subscriber who has abandoned their cart.
* A second data extension contains a corresponding session ID field and product data for each abandoned cart item, including product SKU, product name, quantity, price, and image URL.
Which feature should be used to display the list of products for each subscriber in this email?

  • A. Lookup AMPscript function
  • B. Enhanced Dynamic Content Block
  • C. LookupRows AMPscript function
  • D. Dynamic Content Block

Answer: C


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