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IBQH IBQH001 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Basic quality knowledge in healthcare
Topic 2
  • Skills in the field of healthcare quality management
Topic 3
  • Improving healthcare quality management

IBQH International Board for Quality in Healthcare Sample Questions (Q122-Q127):

A doctor is not guilty of negligence if he has acted in accordance with a responsible body of medical opinion. This is called:

  • A. Bolam test.
  • B. Chi square test.
  • C. T - test.
  • D. Cohar test.

Answer: A

Which of the following organizational structures would offer the best choice for business goals to be disseminated both clearly and quickly?

  • A. Flat.
  • B. Geographic.
  • C. Team based.
  • D. Functional.

Answer: A

A process improvement team working on redesign the process, the most useful tool for the team is:

  • A. Process flow chart.
  • B. Matrix diagram.
  • C. An Ishikawa diagram.
  • D. Hypothesis test.

Answer: A

The most common threat to patient safety in primary healthcare is:

  • A. Delay in diagnosis.
  • B. Incorrect tubing.
  • C. Patient falls.
  • D. Adverse drug events.

Answer: A

All of the following is true about the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) except:

  • A. Does not make a sudden jump to a plateau where it matures over time.
  • B. It is the opposite concept of the PDCA cycle.
  • C. Employees are less resistant to CIP than radical changes.
  • D. It is a sustained, gradual change to improve the situation.

Answer: B


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