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Salesforce CRT-600 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Working with Strings, Numbers, and Dates
Topic 2
  • Browser and Events
  • Document Object Model
  • Browser Dev Tools
Topic 3
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Throwing and Catching Errors
  • Working with the Console
Topic 4
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Callback Functions
  • Promises and Async
  • Await
Topic 5
  • Server Side JavaScript Debugging in Node.js, Node.js Libraries
Topic 6
  • Type Conversion (explicit and implicit)
  • Working with JSON
  • Data Types and Variables
Topic 7
  • Creating Objects, Object Prototypes, Defining Functions

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CRT-600 Valid Exam Questions, CRT-600 Exam Sample Questions

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Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Sample Questions (Q57-Q62):

Refer to the code below:
let car1 = new Promise((_ ,reject)=> setTimeout(reject,2000,"Car1 crashed in")); let car2 = new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve,1500,"Car2 completed")); let car3 = new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve,3000,"Car3 completed")); Promise.race([car1,car2,car3])
let result = `${value} the race.`;
console.log('Race is cancelled.',err);
What is the value of result when promise.race execues?

  • A. Car2 completed the race.

Answer: A

Given the JavaScript below:
01 function filterDOM (searchString) {
02 const parsedSearchString = searchString && searchString.toLowerCase() ;
03 document.quesrySelectorAll(' .account' ) . forEach(account => (
04 const accountName = account.innerHTML.toLOwerCase();
05 account. Style.display = accountName.includes(parsedSearchString) ? /*Insert code*/;
06 )};
07 }
Which code should replace the placeholder comment on line 05 to hide accounts that do not match the search string?

  • A. ' Block ' : ' none '
  • B. ' hidden ' : ' visible '
  • C. ' visible ' : ' hidden '
  • D. ' name ' : ' block '

Answer: A

A developer at Universal Containers is creating their new landing page based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The website includes multiple external resources that are loaded when the page is opened.
To ensure that visitors have a good experience, a script named personalizeWebsiteContent needs to be executed when the webpage Is loaded and there Is no need to wait for the resources to be available.
Which statement should be used to call personalizeWebsiteContent based on the above business requirement?

  • A. windows,addEventListener('onDOMCContentLoaded', personalizeWebsiteContent);
  • B. windows,addEventListener('load', personalizeWebsiteContent);
  • C. windows,addEventListener('onload', personalizeWebsiteContent);
  • D. windows,addEventListener('DOMContent Loaded ', personalizeWebsiteContent);

Answer: B

developer wants to use a module named universalContainersLib and them call functions from it.
How should a developer import every function from the module and then call the fuctions foo and bar ?

  • A. import (foo, bar) from '/path/universalContainersLib.js';
  • B. import * from '/path/universalContaineraLib.js';;;
  • C. import all from '/path/universalContaineraLib.js';;;
  • D. import * ad lib from '/path/universalContainersLib.js';;;

Answer: D

Refer to code below:
Function muFunction(reassign){
Let x = 1;
var y = 1;
if( reassign ) {
Let x= 2;
Var y = 2;
What is displayed when myFunction(true) is called?

  • A. 2 2 undefined undefined
  • B. 2 2 1 2
  • C. 2 2 2 2
  • D. 2 2 1 1

Answer: B


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