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Oracle 1z1-909 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Analyze queries for optimization
  • Aggregate and summarize data
  • Data-driven Applications
Topic 2
  • Explain application development with NoSQL and XDevAPI
  • Handle and interpret errors and warnings
Topic 3
  • Create and execute stored routines
  • MySQL Schema Objects and Data
Topic 4
  • Rewrite queries for optimization
  • Store and process string data
Topic 5
  • Resolve consistency problems with isolation levels
  • Set SQL Modes to change MySQL behavior
Topic 6
  • Use MySQL Shell to access document stores
  • Retrieve data from the database by using a connector
Topic 7
  • Create and access a document store
  • JSON and Document Store
  • Store and process numeric data

Oracle MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Sample Questions (Q27-Q32):

Examine this statement which executes successfully:

The table is populated with a range of values including jobs for Robert, John, and Katie. Now, examine this statement and output:

Why is an empty result set returned?

  • A. The json_extract() function requires a length value that matches the field length in the schema.
  • B. The select requires json_unquoteo in the where clause.
  • C. Table statistics must be updated to generate values for the name column.
  • D. The virtual values in the name column must be accessed using functions.
  • E. The JSON datatype cannot be used in virtual columns.

Answer: E

Examine the layout of the my_values table.

Examine the data in the my_value3 table.

Examine this statement:




  • A. Option A
  • B. Option D
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option B

Answer: D

Examine this bar graph based on columns from the players table:

Which two statements would generate this bar graph?

  • A. SELECT Name, Gender, Sport, CONCAT ('# ' GPA*10) AS GPA_Graph FROM players ORDER BY GPA DESC;
  • B. SELECT Name, Gender, Sport, REPEAT('# 'Y GPA*10) AS GPA_Graph FROM players ORDER BY GPA DESC;
  • C. SELECT Name, Gender, Sport, LENGTH (GPA*10, '# ') AS GPA_Graph FROM players ORDER BY GPA DESC;
  • D. SELECT Name, Gender, Sport, RPAD ('# ' GPA*10) AS GPA_Graph FROM players ORDER BY GPA DESC;
  • E. SELECT Name, Gender, Sport, CHAR_LENGTH ('# ' GPA*10) AS GPA_Graph FROM players ORDER BY GPA DESC;

Answer: B,D

Examine this statement which has executed successfully:

  • A. Execution performance can be improved by, using a composite index with column description as the leftmost prefix column description.
  • B. Execution performance can be improved by using like instead of RLIKE.
  • C. Execution performance can be improved by adding an index on column description.
  • D. No index will improve statement performance.
  • E. The statement takes advantage of index description_idx.

Answer: A

Examine this statement which executes successfully:
Now, examine a json value contained in the table:
{"name" : "orange", "varieties" : [{"VarietyName":"Clementine", "Origin" : ["PA", "BU"] }, {"VarietyName": "tangerine", "Origin" : ["CH","JP"]>]> Which will cause documents to be indexed over the 'name' key?

  • A. ALTER TABLE fshop ADD COLUMN name VARCHAR(20), ADD KEY idx_name (name) ;
  • B. ALTER TABLE fshop ADD COLUMN name VARCHAR(20) AS (product->' S - name' ) VIRTUAL, ADD KEY idx_name (name) ;
  • C. ALTER TABLE fshop ADD COLUMN name VARCHAR(20) AS (product-
    >* S .varieties. VarietyName ' ) VIRTUAL, ADD KEY idx_name (name.) ;
  • D. ALTER TABLE fshop ADD COLUMN name VARCHAR(100) AS (product->' S - varieties' ) VIRTUAL, ADD KEY idx_name (name) ;
  • E. ALTER TABLE fshop ADD name VARCHAR(20) AS (JSON_ONQUOTE (product->"S.varieties.VarietyName")), ADD INDEX (name);

Answer: D


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