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Certification Path of BCS BAP18 Certification Exam

Certification Path of BCS BAP18 Certification Exam

  • BAP18 Practice Exam
  • ACBSP-Accredited Certifying Body Certification
  • GSCP Accredited Certifying Body Certification
  • Stress Management and Critical Supply Chain Practices / Security Practice
  • Security Practice / ISO 27001 / 27002 Accreditation and Certification
  • Understanding Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Documents from SCI Perspective (specialty) / Stress Management and Critical Supply Chain Practices
  • Understanding the Business Recovery Process at Work (specialty) / Understanding the Business Continuity Process from the Perspective of BODs (specialty)
  • Incident Handling (specialty)

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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 2018 Exam Sample Questions (Q31-Q36):

A company produces kitchens to order. Customers specify the design of the kitchen by using a computer-aided design tool, provided on the company's website. The tool allows customers to select products, such as cabinets and cookers, and place them into a floor plan of the kitchen that they have specified.
Once the customer confirms the design, an order is placed and the customer is given a planned installation date for the kitchen. The company orders the raw materials for the kitchen and the kitchen is built by its skilled carpenters The customer can track the progress of the build on the Internet. If the kitchen Is likely to be delivered later than originally promised, a control action is taken to bring it back on schedule A Business Activity Model (BAM) developed for the company has 'sell bespoke kitchens' as its doing activity.
Which of the following activities would be directly linked by a logical dependency arrow to or from this doing activity?

  • A. Take control action
  • B. Determine range of products.
  • C. Track build
  • D. Define carpentry skills

Answer: C

The activity directly linked by a logical dependency arrow to the doing activity of "sell bespoke kitchens" is
"Track build". Tracking the build is necessary in order to ensure that the kitchen is delivered on time and that any issues that arise during the build can be addressed quickly.

EuroCoach is a holiday coach company that Is reviewing its internal business processes. The following requirement for improvement has been logged as a business rule:
'EuroCoach Is now legally responsible for ensuring that passengers taking cross-border journeys have valid passports and visas (If applicable) tor the countries to which, and through which, they will travel' Which type of business rule is this?

  • A. Internal processed
  • B. External requirement.
  • C. External constraint.
  • D. Internal policy.

Answer: C

This business rule is an external constraint, meaning it is an externally imposed requirement that the company must adhere to in order to remain compliant with the law. This type of business rule is outside of the company's control and must be taken into account when designing processes and systems.

A business case is being created for a new, automated auditing system that will improve the IT department's ability to record and monitor all the computing devices used across the organisation.
The sponsor of the project is keen to get a better idea of the financial implications of the project and has asked for the simplest calculation possible. This calculation should consider the tangible costs and tangible benefits of the project, as well as showing when it will have saved the department as much as it has cost.
Which of the following investment appraisal calculations has the sponsor asked for?

  • A. Internal rate of return.
  • B. Payback calculation.
  • C. Discounted cash flow.
  • D. Net present value.

Answer: B

The following planning activity has been identified in a consensus BAM for a company that makes clothes:
'P4 - Define marketing strategy'
Which of the following is an enabling activity linked to this planning activity?

  • A. Sell clothes
  • B. Advertise clothes
  • C. Monitor sales.
  • D. Define sales targets

Answer: D

An enabling activity is an activity that needs to be completed before the planning activity can be executed. In this case, the planning activity is to define a marketing strategy and the enabling activity would be to define the sales targets which will help inform the marketing strategy. Therefore, the correct answer is B, Define sales targets.

The following is an excerpt from a job advert tor a Business Analyst
"We are seeking an experienced Business Analyst to assist us in the development of formal written proposals. detailing the cost and benefit of proposed business initiatives. The successful candidate should be able to use a variety of methods to explore and define complex situations Experience of producing plueprints In terms of processes, management structures, culture and people would be highly advantageous-Based on the extract, what are the competencies required for this role?

  • A. Subject matter expertise. Investigation techniques, Business architecture.
  • B. Business case development. Business modeling, Requirements engineering
  • C. Domain knowledge. Business modeling. Gap analysis.
  • D. Business case development. Investigation techniques. Business architecture

Answer: A


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