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Oracle 1z1-909 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain application development with NoSQL and XDevAPI
  • Handle and interpret errors and warnings
Topic 2
  • Create and access a document store
  • JSON and Document Store
  • Store and process numeric data
Topic 3
  • Rewrite queries for optimization
  • Store and process string data
Topic 4
  • Analyze queries for optimization
  • Aggregate and summarize data
  • Data-driven Applications
Topic 5
  • Explain the programming constructs used in stored routines
  • Choose between connectors for a given application
Topic 6
  • Schedule database operations
  • Store and process temporal data
Topic 7
  • Resolve consistency problems with isolation levels
  • Set SQL Modes to change MySQL behavior
Topic 8
  • Demonstrate connector use, management and configuration
  • Secure credentials and connections
Topic 9
  • Use MySQL Shell to access document stores
  • Retrieve data from the database by using a connector
Topic 10
  • Understand locking mechanisms within MySQL
  • Control transactions in applications
Topic 11
  • Create and execute stored routines
  • MySQL Schema Objects and Data

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Oracle MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Sample Questions (Q56-Q61):

Which two are true about MySQL Document Store?

  • A. It helps to store data items in a schema-less key-value store.
  • B. It allows one to bypass the SQL layer of the server.
  • C. It can store documents greater than 4 GB.
  • D. There is no access to relational tables.
  • E. It depends heavily on strictly typed data.

Answer: A,B

Which two statements are true about AUTO_INCREMENT?

  • A. A server restart always resets the AUTO_INCREMENT value to largest value in the AUTO_INCREMENT column plus 1.
  • B. The decimal data type supports AUTO_INCREMENT.
  • C. A table can have multiple AUTO_INCREMENT columns.
  • D. An AUTO_INCREMENT column must be indexed.
  • E. AUTO_INCREMENT values allocated to a transaction that is rolled back are not reused.

Answer: A,B

Which two are true about MySQL connectors?

  • A. Connector/ODBC is available on Unix, Windows, and MacOS X.
  • B. Connector/J is based on Connector/C.
  • C. Connector/Python is released in precompiled binary and source code.
  • D. Connectors must be installed on both the client and server hosts.
  • E. Connector/NET runs on the Windows platform only.

Answer: B,D

Examine the Test.php script which is numbered for clarity, and its output:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: call to underined function mysqli_connect () in Test.php:2 Which action will fix this error?

  • A. Replace line 2 with Slink = mysql.connect {"localhost: 3306n, "username", "pas "schema") ;
  • B. Enable the mysqli extension in the php.ini file.
  • C. Install the PHP executable in the path used by the MySQL installation.
  • D. Replace line 2 With: Slink = mysql_xdevapi\getSession
    ("mysqlx://username:[email protected]:3306","schema");

Answer: B

Examine this statement and output:

Which is true?

  • A. Column Name in myview can be indexed if the is_updatable attribute is true.
  • B. The underlying table's index on the Name column is not chosen because of low selectivity.
  • C. myview was defined with the temptable processing algorithm.
  • D. myview cannot be automatically indexed.

Answer: C


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