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IBM S1000-007 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Troubleshoot the file system
  • Manage devices and attributes
  • Manage basic system security
Topic 2
  • Troubleshoot client log-in issues
  • Identify the LPAR configuration
Topic 3
  • Use diag for basic troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Scheduling execution of commands using cron, at, batch
Topic 4
  • Manage network services with inetd
  • Performance Manaement & Tuning
Topic 5
  • Manage services using System Resource Controller (SRC)
  • Define AIX management tools including SMIT
Topic 6
  • Explain the difference between logical, physical and virtual CPU
  • Document the systems configuration
Topic 7
  • Monitor for hardware and software messages using errpt, syslog and alog
  • Create and troubleshoot a shell script
Topic 8
  • Manage hosts and name resolution order
  • Manage file backups and file archives
Topic 9
  • Manage root volume group specific tasks
  • Create and verify a system backup using mksysb, volume group backups with savevg
Topic 10
  • Define basic IO performance concepts
  • Manage open source packages with rpm
Topic 11
  • Expand and monitor usage of the paging space
  • Define the process lifecycle and priorities

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IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Sample Questions (Q31-Q36):

A SAN administrator increased the size of a LUN device (hdisk) that is being used by a AIX LPAR. However, the system administrator does not see the new size using the lsvg or Ispv commands.
Which command updates the system with the new size?

  • A. cfgmgr
  • B. chvg -g
  • C. synclvodm
  • D. extendpv

Answer: A

The cfgmgr command updates the system configuration database with the current configuration of the devices attached to the system. When the SAN administrator increases the size of a LUN device (hdisk), it is not automatically reflected on the AIX LPAR. Running the cfgmgr command updates the system with the new size information and makes it visible to the system administrator.

When a user logs in. the processing of their .profile is very slow. Which issue could contribute to the problem?

  • A. A slow NFS mount for their home directory.
  • B. The PATH variable contains non-existent directories.
  • C. Network issues between the user location and the system.
  • D. The user's home file system is full.

Answer: B

When a user logs in, the system will process their .profile file which contains the PATH variable. This variable specifies the list of directories that the system will search through to locate executable files. If the PATH variable contains non-existent directories, then it will take longer for the system to process the .profile file, resulting in a slower login experience. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide (page 9-10).

A system administrator needs to open a console to an AIX virtual machine that is controlled by a Hardware Management Console (HMC). After connecting to the HMC using SSH, which command should the administrator run to open a console?

  • A. mlcvterm
  • B. mkrep
  • C. mJcvdev
  • D. oem_setup_env

Answer: A

Which command lists filesets that are below AIX V7.2 technology level 4?

  • A. lslpp -s -1 7200-04
  • B. oslevel -r -1 7200-04
  • C. lppchk: -L -F "fileset level" I grep -v "7200-04"
  • D. instfix -i I grep -v 7200-04

Answer: D

What are three states a device can have when connected to an AIX system?

  • A. Blocked
  • B. Stopped
  • C. Running
  • D. Suspended
  • E. Available
  • F. Defined

Answer: B,E,F

Devices that are connected to the system can be in one of four states.
Devices that are connected to the system can be in one of the following states:
The device is unknown to the system.
Specific information about the device is recorded in the customized database, but it is unavailable to the system.
A defined device is coupled to the operating system, or the defined device is configured.
The device is unavailable but remains known by its device driver.
If a tty device and a printer alternately use the same tty connector, both a tty device and a printer are defined on the same parent and port in the device configuration database. Only one of these devices can be configured at a time. When the tty connector is configured, the printer specific setup information is retained until it is configured again. The device is not removed; it is in the defined state. Maintaining adevice in defined state retains customized information for a device that is not currently in use, either before it is first made available or while it is temporarily removed from the system.
If a device driver exists for a device, the device can be made available through the device driver.


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