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Understanding functional and technical aspects of AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Professional Cost Control

The following will be dicussed in AMAZON AWS CLF C01 exam dumps:

  • Recognizing some services will help in auditing and reporting
  • Acknowledging that there are several network security capabilities
  • Policies, Groups/users, Roles, managed policies compared to custom policies
  • Identify AWS access management capabilities
  • Identifying where to locate AWS compliance information
  • Defining the customer's responsibly on AWS
  • Describing who allows encryption on AWS for an assigned service
  • Recognizing various encryption options on AWS (for example, In transit)
  • Defining Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS CloudTrail
  • Native AWS services
  • AWS Knowledge Center, Security Center, security forum, and security blogs
  • Recognize resources for security assistance
  • Describe AWS Cloud security and compliance theories
  • Understanding there is documentation and where to look for it (for example, official documents)
  • Understanding the scope of User and Identity Management

Potential Candidates

The target audience for the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification and its exam is the specialists with experience in the AWS Cloud roles. These are educators, non-traditional and traditional students, and individuals exploring AWS Cloud, such as project managers, decision-makers, marketers, IT managers, finance, procurement, legal practitioners, and sales managers, among others. However, a potential candidate for the prerequisite test can be anyone who wants to learn how to use AWS to build scalable applications.

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Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Questions (Q101-Q106):

Which AWS services can be used to set up NoSQL databases? (Select TWO.)

  • A. Amazon DynamoDB
  • B. Amazon S3
  • C. Amazon Aurora
  • D. Amazon Redshilt
  • E. Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compalibility)

Answer: A,E

A company wants to expand from one AWS Region into a second AWS Region. What does the company need to do to start supporting the new Region?

  • A. Move an Availability Zone to the new Region
  • B. Begin deploying resources in the second Region
  • C. Download the AWS Management Console for the new Region
  • D. Contact an AWS Account Manager to sign a new contract

Answer: A

A company plans to create a data lake that uses Amazon S3.
Which factor will have the MOST effect on cost?

  • A. The addition of S3 bucket policies
  • B. S3 ingest fees for each request
  • C. The selection of S3 storage tiers
  • D. Charges to transfer existing data into Amazon S3

Answer: D

Which architectural principle is used when deploying an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) instance in Multiple Availability Zone mode?

  • A. Use services, not servers.
  • B. Design for failure.
  • C. Implement loose coupling.
  • D. Automate everything that can be automated.

Answer: B

Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments provide enhanced availability and durability for Database (DB) Instances, making them a natural fit for production database workloads. When you provision a Multi-AZ DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically creates a primary DB Instance and synchronously replicates the data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zone (AZ). Each AZ runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure, and is engineered to be highly reliable. In case of an infrastructure failure, Amazon RDS performs an automatic failover to the standby (or to a read replica in the case of Amazon Aurora), so that you can resume database operations as soon as the failover is complete. Since the endpoint for your DB Instance remains the same after a failover, your application can resume database operation without the need for manual administrative intervention.

Which security service automatically recognizes and classifies sensitive data or intellectual property on AWS?

  • A. Amazon GuardDuty
  • B. AWSShield
  • C. Amazon Macie
  • D. Amazon Inspector

Answer: D


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