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Who should take the ASM exam

The EXIN Agile Scrum Master ASM Exam certification is an internationally-recognized validation that identifies persons who earn it as possessing skilled in an EXIN Agile Scrum Master. If a candidate wants significant improvement in career growth needs enhanced knowledge, skills, and talents. The EXIN Agile Scrum Master ASM Exam certification provides proof of this advanced knowledge and skill. If a candidate has knowledge of associated technologies and skills that are required to pass the EXIN Agile Scrum Master ASM Exam then he should take this exam.

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EXIN Agile Scrum Master ASM Exam

EXIN Agile Scrum Master ASM Exam is related to EXIN Agile Scrum Master Certification. This exam validates a candidate professional blend knowledge and skills of the Agile framework and Scrum methodology. It also deals with the ability to how to work together to successfully reach a goal and how to use Agile methodologies that are popular approaches in software development. This exam tests the candidate skills of adopting Agile or Scrum in the workplace and taking on the role of Scrum Master. Project Managers, Software developers, and IT Service Managers usually hold or pursue this certification and you can expect the same job roles after completion of this certification.

EXIN Agile Scrum Master Sample Questions (Q33-Q38):

A company changes to Scrum. This gets some people out of their comfort zone and creates resistance.
One way of finding out how to deal with this resistance is looking at the individuals resisting. Suppose that you categorize all individuals into Conservers, Pragmatists and Originators.
What are the best activities to help Pragmatists transition to Scrum?

  • A. Provide training and run a pilot project that includes these people on the team.
  • B. No special activities are necessary, because these people will embrace the change.
  • C. Provide predictability of the transition process and keep certain best practices.
  • D. Provide more prestige or power for the people that resist in order to get them to comply.

Answer: A

Andy, a Scrum Master, is helping his team draft a Sprint Backlog. In which of the following phases would this Scrum process be in?

  • A. Implement
  • B. Initiate
  • C. Plan and Estimate
  • D. Review and Retrospect

Answer: C

You are a Scrum Master on a project that is preparing to begin its first Sprint. You explain to the Scrum team the concept of Daily Standup Meetings. You include all of the following points in your introduction to the Daily Standup Meeting, EXCEPT:

  • A. The meeting may be cancelled or delayed if one or more members are not able to attend.
  • B. The Daily Standup Meeting is a short daily meeting, time-boxed to 15 minutes.
  • C. The information provided by the Team members is used to identify the impediments in the way of project
  • D. Team members assemble to report their progress in the Sprint and plan the day's activities.

Answer: A


When you are working in a Scrum project, the defined Sprint Goal is a result of the Sprint Planning activity.

  • A. This is a true statement.
  • B. This is a false statement.

Answer: A

A User Story is considered complete only when the which of the following is/are satisfied?
A) Acceptance Criteria
B) Done criteria
C) Demo to the product owner
D) Non-functional criteria

  • A. C and A
  • B. A, B and C
  • C. A and B
  • D. D and A

Answer: C


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