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CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) Certification Exam Sample Questions (Q429-Q434):

A security analyst discovers suspicious host activity while performing monitoring activities. The analyst pulls a packet capture for the activity and sees the following:

Which of the following describes what has occurred?

  • A. The host attempted to download an application from
  • B. The host downloaded an application from
  • C. The host attempted to make a secure connection to
  • D. The host rejected the connection from

Answer: B

This is based from the Info "(Application/octet-stream)
"Connection: close" mean when used in the response message? Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. When the client uses the Connection: close header in the request message, this means that it wants the server to close the connection after sending the response message. 200 OK is the most common HTTP status code. It generally means that the HTTP request succeeded.

A security analyst found an old version of OpenSSH running on a DMZ server and determined the following piece of code could have led to a command execution through an integer overflow;

Which of the following controls must be in place to prevent this vulnerability?

  • A. Convert all integer numbers in strings to handle the memory buffer correctly.
  • B. Implement float numbers instead of integers to prevent integer overflows.
  • C. Sanitize user inputs, avoiding small numbers that cannot be handled in the memory.
  • D. Use built-in functions from libraries to check and handle long numbers properly.

Answer: D

A company was recently awarded several large government contracts and wants to determine its current risk from one specific APT.
Which of the following threat modeling methodologies would be the MOST appropriate to use during this analysis?

  • A. Kill chain
  • B. Total attack surface
  • C. Attack vectors
  • D. Adversary capability
  • E. Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis

Answer: D

A computer at a company was used to commit a crime. The system was seized and removed for further analysis. Which of the following is the purpose of labeling cables and connections when seizing the computer system?

  • A. To capture the system configuration as it was at the time it was removed
  • B. To maintain the chain of custody
  • C. To block any communication with the computer system from attack
  • D. To document the model, manufacturer, and type of cables connected

Answer: A

An analyst is reviewing the following output:

Which of the following was MOST likely used to discover this?

  • A. A passive vulnerability scan
  • B. A static analysis vulnerability scan
  • C. A web application vulnerability scan
  • D. Reverse engineering using a debugger

Answer: A


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