egg donor in Nepal: Getting pregnant with donor eggs? taking over donor eggs, will the baby appear as if me? While taking over ovum donation, the couple faces several emotional and psychosocial challenges. they're not even sure of the probabilities of getting pregnant with donor eggs. the sole thing they are doing is rely wholly on the ovum banks and therefore the fertility experts to form them achieve the once stated impossibility i.e. attaining pregnancy after egg donation.

An overview of egg donor treatment

An egg donor may be a sort of fertility treatment approached by the ladies , who are unable to supply their own eggs to urge pregnant. within the process of ova donation, eggs from other women are wont to help the infertile women conceive. this is often a neighborhood of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and donor egg success rates over 40 percent even for females over 40 years old. The procedure typically involves the removal of eggs from the donor, fertilizing them within the laboratory, then transferring them to the embryos into the recipient uterus. the whole procedure of implantation is administered by In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and there's a minimum repeated implantation failure with donor eggs.

Recommendation for donor egg treatment

IVF success rates over 40 with donor eggs is extremely high, therefore Vatsalya encourages female to tackle the infertility situations by recommending donor egg pregnancy treatment. Likewise, females who aren't sure of donor embryo transfer success rates before taking over the donor treatment are given a series of consultation.

We recommend IVF with egg Donor in nepal to:

  • Women carrying the danger of a genetic disease .
  • Women with a coffee success rate on using their own eggs.
  • Women facing fertility challenge.
  • Women failing to supply their own eggs thanks to age, or premature menopause.
  • Women born without ovaries thanks to birth defect .
  • Impaired ovarian reserve.
  • Repeated failure of IVF treatment.
  • Gay male couple opting to possess a toddler with a surrogate.
  • A single father seeking surrogacy.

Criteria for Oocyte donation process

Generally, for female egg donation, the age of donor’s home in between the age of 21 and 35 years. Women of this age respond better to fertility drugs and have a high-quality egg. to feature more individual on the egg donation success rates, the donor should hold no genetic issues or infections like HIV, and hepatitis C . So, before taking eggs a lady must undergo several processes such as:

Egg donor screening

A screening process to scale back the danger of congenital abnormalities and other associated risks. The egg donor screening process requires:

  • Application
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Drug tests
  • Ultrasound to look at the reproductive organs
  • Psychological medical record
  • Screening of inherited diseases
  • Infectious disease screening

Psychological screening

Donating an egg is an emotional experience, so emotional stability is required while donating eggs. Evaluating the donor’s psychological state ensures the health of an unborn child, and to form sure the donor has made an informed decision for the donor egg IVF success.

Surrogate mother Nepal is that the best egg donor agencies in Nepal. Before assigning eggs to any female receiver, we undergo a series of processes to secure both the donor and receiver physically and mentally.

IVF with donor egg process step by step

  • Consultation

One of our reproductive endocrinologists shall discuss the treatment options, and assist you understand every aspect of treatment. If you opt to proceed with the donor ovum cycle, experts shall discuss more upon the treatment process including medical evaluation, and physical examination. Egg donor agencies before supplying eggs select the candidate from the pool and tentatively an egg donor is matched through FDA tests. The egg donor cost can't be predicted until the proper match is identified.

  • Cycle preparation

To optimize the success chances, before the treatment, your doctor shall advise you to require several tests to spot and proper any abnormalities that would fail the IVF treatment. This includes detailed semen analysis, basic blood tests, thyroid function, and saline sonogram. The donor egg success rate for ladies over the age of 40 years is high, for that they have to require up a couple of additional screenings like a mammogram. Success with donor eggs at 43 is additionally possible, but women after attaining the age of fifty faces high risk. If you're 45 years or older, you furthermore may need to take up additional tests like diabetes (sugar), an EKG, and general consultation with an obstetrician who focuses on high-risk pregnancies.

  • Selection of Donor

Choosing an accurate donor is basically important and a uniquely personal decision. Once the donor is chosen, the donor coordinator shall confirm the egg donation process.

  • Synchronization

The cycle of donor and recipients must be synchronized in order that the recipient’s uterus is prepared for implantation when the donor eggs are retrieved and fertilized. Once synchronized the donor takes medicine to stimulate growth and to mature the group of eggs. Then they're further monitored by ultrasound, and blood tests for subsequent 10-14 days, till the eggs are able to be retrieved.

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  • Embryo transfer and egg retrieval

An egg retrieval is scheduled once the donor egg mature. The donor and your partner shall provide egg and sperm donation on the very day of egg retrieval for the insemination of the eggs. After three days we transfer it to the uterus. For donor embryo success rates, we typically recommend transferring one or two embryos from the donor cycle. The transfer of one embryo reduces the danger of getting twins and inclines the donor egg IVF success.