Today, Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces a good way to control elevator shaft leakage:

1. Diversion

1. Diversion holes are drilled at suitable locations around the pit wall, and the height must be appropriate so that the water can be led out of the foundation pit.

2. A water collecting pit is set outside the pit wall, and a self-priming pump is placed, which can automatically drain after the water is full.

3. The portable cutting machine cuts five centimeters width parallel lines vertically and horizontally along the pit wall, the opening is connected to the diversion hole, and the depth is suitable.

4. Manually chisel the diversion groove.

5. Buried diversion nets.

2. Plugging

1. Remove loose attachments around the foundation pit, clean the four walls, and move the garbage away from the site.

2. Flexible leak plugging materials (anti-cracking type) block the diversion groove and the foundation pit wall from bottom to top, and it is appropriate to cover half of the diversion hole with a high height.

3. The external integral coating film of Yuhong flexible waterproof mortar three times.

3. Treatment of leakage points at the bottom of the foundation pit

1. Clean the bottom and find the leaking point.

2. The water stop needle is embedded in the drilling hole.

3. High-pressure grouting to seal leaks.

The above content is organized and shared by China Home Elevator manufacturers, hoping to help those in need.